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10 Questions with | Adam Lanceley

The final chapter in Adam Lanceley's journey of musical and personal discovery has arrived, after overcoming huge odds, and releasing a record 12 albums in 11 years, he is taking a well earned break. Lanceley’s final album is a ten-track project that follows the journey he took through deep depression, a struggle to find the right combination of medication to make life bearable, being diagnosed with PTSD.

Engraved in his lyrics and voice is a feeling of how along this album journey his state of mind has gone from being unable to deal with issues, plummeted even lower down after the second album, to finally rising to a more hopeful place with 'Over The Horizon'. Some of the tunes of this album were composed and inspired by topics relevant to the time of writing which Adam wanted to reflect on. This album is the final crescendo of a huge emotional and psychological battle. Indie Boulevard managed to connect with Mr. Lanceley, and learn more about his creative path, the new album and much more.

IB: Hi Adam! We are honored to have you on Indie Boulevard and thank you for taking the time to talk to us about music and tell us more about your long  journey. So, how has your personal journey influenced your music throughout your 12-album career and how does 'Over The Horizon' serve as a culmination of that journey?

ADAM: Hi, great to be talking about it! Let's get down to business! Really, songwriting took over from drama & acting as my emotional outlet. Whether I'm on stage, behind a camera or a microphone it just gives me an escape from the anxious, insecure person I am. It's always been that way, but I realised that it was a better way to release & combat issues that were hard for me to deal with through my own music rather than somebody else's script. The pattern of my lyrics on each album reflects the way I was feeling at the time. Someone once told me it's much harder to write happy, uplifting music than tunes that just bring you down. That's why I'm always careful to keep the music interesting & melodic. I hope 'Over the Horizon' is the culmination of a journey & that that's where I'll be: somewhere I don't need to escape from anything anymore.

IB: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the design of the album cover and how it ties into the themes explored in the album?

ADAM: My album cover design idea symbolises liberation, like I'm leaving the past behind & heading to a better place. 

IB: What was your creative process like for 'Over The Horizon' and how did you approach writing about such personal and challenging topics?

ADAM: The creative process for this album was basically 'Oh, I suppose that means I'd better do 1 more album!' This was when I found out that the sound engineer I record with was going to have to postpone his retirement for a period due to personal circumstances.  My approach to writing about the topics covered in the album was the same as it's always been: a release. The only thing was this time I was on a timeframe, which made it a bit more pressurized getting the recording, artwork & album completed.

IB: You've mentioned that the album is dedicated to the same person as your previous three. Can you tell us more about the impact that this person has had on your life and music?

ADAM: Let's just say it felt like I was fast approaching a dead end when she changed my outlook & made the view better.

IB: How do you hope that your music can help others who may be going through similar struggles with depression, PTSD and other challenges?

ADAM: I'd like my music to resonate with people & when they know my backstory hope it'll give a little bit of inspiration to anyone who's struggling.

IB: With this being your final album for the foreseeable future, how do you feel about the legacy you've created with your extensive catalogue of music and what do you hope your fans take away from your final work?

ADAM: If this does turn out to be my final album for the foreseeable future & I can at last take it easy, I'll feel so proud of the musical legacy I've created. I'd love fans to be able to take -from this album in particular - some warm sunshine that'll still be there on a cloudy day.

IB: You've achieved so much throughout your career, from running marathons to climbing mountains to releasing 12 albums in 11 years. What's next for Adam Lanceley? Maybe a book?

ADAM: Like I've said, ideally I'd just like to take it easy & not make any plans about what to do next. Not just yet anyway! Maybe get back into acting sometime?

IB: How have you managed to maintain such a prolific output of music over the years, and what advice would you give to aspiring musicians looking to build a similar body of work?

ADAM: I've managed to maintain such a prolific output of music over the years largely to stay somewhere near sanity! All I can say to anyone else wanting to build a similar body of work is don't force it. That will drive you crazy! Try not to think too far ahead & if you're not feeling it, just wait till another day when you're in the right mood.

IB: The process of creating art can be deeply introspective and personal. How do you balance your own creative vision with the desire to connect with your audience, and what considerations do you take into account when crafting a song or album?

ADAM: I try to address the issue that's on my mind taking inspiration from where I want to find it as well as making the music as relatable to as many people as possible. It's quite a difficult balancing act. You need to make sure you're keeping people interested as well as saying what you need to say.

IB: And the final question. In the face of personal struggles and adversity, what gives you the strength and inspiration to continue creating and sharing your music with the world?

ADAM: Really, it's the knowledge that I'm letting my inner most feelings out & at the same time there are people I've no connection with who are appreciating what I'm creating.

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