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10 Questions with | Adrienne Leska

Adrienne Leska is a singer/songwriter, artist and teacher. Her sound can be described as folk/pop with a deep and whimsical twist. Listening to her honest, vibrant, and catchy melodies will immerse you into another world of self discovery and freedom. After years of studying piano and voice since the age of 8, performing in different musical theater productions and world renown chorus', and teaching; Adrienne recently discovered these musical experience have been a development of songwriting, all along. She is currently building a local following through grassroots efforts and community, and has a songwriting program for children in the works called "Positive Producing" Songwriting for the Mind, Body and Soul. Indie Boulevard got the opportunity to know more about Adrienne’s brand new single ‘Someone Like You’, upcoming EP and much more.

IB: Hi Adrienne. Happy to chat with you! Recently you released the second single "Someone Like You" from your forthcoming EP. It's a beautiful and sunny song! How do you manage to talk about complex feelings so easily?

ADRIENNE: Hey! Aw, thank you so much! This is a great question. When it comes to challenging situations, or complex feelings, I feel them, and turn them into something more uplifting, positive and honest; whether it is in music or lyrics. Everything we go through is a learning experience and my intention with music is for others to be able to accept themselves even more and join this learning journey with me. 

IB: In your first single "Mirrors" you raised the topic of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. The second single "Someone Like You" continues this theme. What events in your life prompted you to cover such psychological issues?

ADRIENNE: From feeling alone,  being unique and not choosing to go along with the crowd, to letting others in my life who’d take advantage of me because of not setting boundaries are a a couple of events or topics that have prompted me to cover said psychological issues.

IB: When and how did the idea to record an EP come about? If it's not a secret, can you tell us the name of the EP?

ADRIENNE: As part of self discovery and connecting the dots from years of performance, to teaching and seeing my old self and new in my students, friends and family; the idea to record this upcoming EP, “Mirrors” came to life. Musical experience and other creative gifts such as poetry, and ear training, have helped me invest my time into writing, recording, producing and creating. 

IB: Also, the music video for the new single is so light and funny! A phone call through a banana? It looks like you are trying to reach your inner self who is constantly dissatisfied and grumbling ahaha, Was the atmosphere during the filming as relaxed? What was most memorable?

ADRIENNE: Hahaha yes! This is spot on! The atmosphere was relaxed for sure. Most of it was pretty impromptu. The most memorable thing about doing this is dressing in three different outfits representing the intuition, the ego and the self, while treating fear as a friend! 

IB: I know you are teaching kids how to write songs. What do you find most rewarding about teaching music to young people?

ADRIENNE: I find it most rewarding about teaching music to young people when I see them use their inspiration and gifts while connecting with themselves and others; whether it is through stories and great writing, humming a tune with their strong singing voice, or even creating rhythms and adding different elements to something that could bring a song to life. Everyone learns differently and has a unique way of understanding music, which makes it exciting. 

IB: Did you have the idea to record a song together with your students?

ADRIENNE: Yes I did. In the midst of writing songs for myself, I was sharing with students some of my creations. Then one day, I had an idea of starting something new; to teach them how to write songs with the use of age level concepts. 

IB: I think you are one of those people who is always busy doing something. Adrienne, how do you handle the stress of creating, producing, releasing and promoting music? How do you deal with stress?

ADRIENNE: I always make a “to-do” list, block time frames and listen to what feels in the moment of time. My intention with promos and especially creating, is to be authentic and honest. When it comes to dealing with stress, I always make sure to have some type of routine to do yoga in the morning, deep breathing, meditation, walks outside, journaling and of course, rest, rest, rest. Eating well does wonders too. 

IB: You have a big team that helps you release tracks and also music videos. How did you find each other in this musical world? I think it's a great success to find like-minded people.

ADRIENNE: Love this! Found my producer through a business course we both took online back in January 2022. He has musician friends who were hired to put together the tracks. We’ve been staying connected ever since! Such a blast working with them. 

IB: Do you agree that an artist's music conveys their own character and the kind of person they are in life?

ADRIENNE: Yes, absolutely. We are constantly evolving as humans, in our art, stories and sounds.

IB: And the last question. What album (or artist) has influenced you the most as an artist?

ADRIENNE: Artists who have influenced me the most as an artist include: The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, The Backstreet Boys, and many more.

Single ‘Someone Like You’ by Adrienne Leska available on all digital platforms. Click on this link and read our «Someone Like You» review.

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