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10 Questions with | Brian Berggoetz

Brian Berggoetz is a self-taught guitarist and a natural-born singer living in Tucson, AZ. He has written many songs throughout the years since, and he has played at various venues local to where he has lived. Recently Brian released new single "Pieces Of Silver". Indie Boulevard got the opportunity to know more about the song, Brian's inspirations and upcoming plans.

IB: Hello Brian. Glad to see you on Indie Boulevard. It's an honor for us to talk and get to know an experienced artist like you. Brian, how did it all start? How did you get into music? Or is it the music that came to you?

BRIAN: I always loved pop music from the start. Though it wasn’t until my pop passed away suddenly when I was in high school. I just had a flood of emotions so I picked up the guitar and started writing songs. It was a great outlet and soon I found I had a way of connecting with people through my music. The connection with listeners is what it’s all about.

IB: What music did you enjoy the most as a child and as a teenager?

BRIAN: Believe or not, I grew up in the midwest listening to surf music, along with Elton John. A real mix but all great music has similarities. The Beach Boys have a lot in common with who I listen to now, Dawes, Jason Isbell and Dave Matthews. The best music is timeless. IB: Since the early start of the pandemic, you began a new relationship with a woman that has inspired you to write new songs. How did it happen?

BRIAN: When I saw her at a party the ground shook beneath me and I had to talk to her. After that first encounter I wrote my first song for the Wildflower CD, Like You Were Mine. We hit it off immediately and as the relationship developed I kept writing songs inspired by the bond.

IB: Your new single ‘Pieces Of Silver’ is out now and we think it’s amazing. There are a lot of violins, flutes in the song, and in terms of arrangement it is very complicated. Tell us about the song and how was it recorded?

BRIAN: I wrote it differently than a normal song. The verse was a bridge in another song but I liked it so much I made it the verse, which gives it the unique sounding melody. Then I just wrote a chorus that seemed to fit. It kind of wrote itself in the end. We recorded it with some players from the Tucson Symphony and two different producers I work with along with some players I work with on a regular basis. It was done very differently from the normal song with so many collaborators and players. I could not have done it without all the help from everyone that worked on it. It definitely came together well and it was a real unique journey getting to the final track.

IB: The new single sounds like a part II of your album "Wildflower". Do you plan to record a second one, and how will it differ from "Wildflower".

BRIAN: Yes we will. We will have a more orchestral sound as well as adding some percussion. I have recently added a cello player to the group and she sounds great together with the violin, like a small orchestra.

IB: What qualities do you value most in a listener?

BRIAN: The ability to listen to any kind of music. If they understand different genres and styles they have a deeper understanding of good music.

IB: Which famous singer would you like to share the big stage with?

BRIAN: Bruce Springsteen. The album Born to Run changed my life. That was the moment I knew what I had to do. Leave my home town and chase the dream.

IB: You have formed a second band as a solo project with the addition of a violinist. When and where can we see your live performances?

BRIAN: Tucson, AZ. We play a number of venues around town. You can check us at "".

IB: What is the most exciting thing for you in live performances?

BRIAN: The most exciting thing in life shows is connecting with people seeing their faces light up and really just seeing them getting lost in the music. That’s what the music is all about. 

IB: And the last question. What is the name of your furry friend?)

BRIAN: My bestie is named Sasha. She is a mini Labradoodle. She’s the sweetest thing ever and we take her every place we can and everybody loves her. She also likes to hear me play.

Brian's new single «Pieces Of Silver» available on all digital platforms.

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