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10 Questions with | Lisa Marini

Upcoming new album 'Buried Town' by Lisa Marini, is an ethereal, emotionally captivating collection of songs that are beautifully crafted, under the artist’s unifying worldview. Marini did everything from the writing, recording and production, to the artwork and visuals. As described by Marini, “Half of the songs on this album are a celebration to creative energy and the other half are songs about being taken away from said energy and the search to find my way back to it.” 'Buried Town' sees Marini examine a wide range of themes including the lingering presence of someone who’s left, protecting creativity at all costs, and distractions in the face of mortality. The contemplative topics should come as no surprise given the artist’s history. Running away from a dysfunctional home at 12, Lisa found herself living with heroin addicts before being caught in a police raid in her teens. Recognised as not being part of the gang, Lisa was let go with a new outlook on life. What followed was sobriety, a return to education, and the beginning of her new positive nomadic lifestyle. Indie Boulevard reached out to Lisa to discuss her upcoming debut album, as well as art and other related topics.

IB: Greetings, Lisa! It's a pleasure to have you here on Indie Boulevard, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to speak with you. Your upcoming album is set to release shortly, but before we delve into that, let's take a moment to reflect on your challenging creative journey thus far. How has your tumultuous past informed your songwriting process and the themes you explore in your music?

LISA: My first album certainly explored a tumultuous past. I needed somewhere to put the stories that I had been carrying around for many years. Once that album was done, I was ready to move on.

IB: 'Buried Town' explores the concept of protecting creativity at all costs. How do you define creativity and why do you feel it is so important to safeguard it?

LISA: For me creativity is a way of life. It is a place of ultimate freedom, it’s playful, transformative and everything in-between.

IB: In your journey from living with heroin addicts to becoming a successful singer-songwriter, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

LISA: They were some of the most informative years of my life. I think it’s when I began to really understand people. It was an unusual community but it gave me a sense of belonging which was really important for me as a teenager.

IB: I got to listen to the new album exclusively and it sounds fantastic! 'Buried Town' features both celebratory and introspective tracks. How do you balance these contrasting emotions and perspectives in your music?

LISA: I am an optimist but I am also a sensitive creator who absorbs all the different colours of life, that will inevitably be reflected in the songs that I write.

IB: Your album delves into themes of mortality and the distractions that can arise when confronted with the finite nature of our existence. How do you personally navigate these existential questions in your own life?

LISA: I meditate everyday. I have a deep interest in philosophy and psychology, I believe that people are nuanced. I try to keep a healthy mind and body so that I can be in a positive rhythm.

IB: As someone who has worked in various creative fields, from photography to acting to music, what do you feel is the common thread that ties all of these disciplines together?

LISA: Curiosity and a genuine excitement to unfold hidden parts of myself.

IB: 'Buried Town' showcases your skills as a self-taught producer. How has your DIY approach to music production influenced your artistic vision and the sound of your music?

LISA: I’m not sure anyone is entirely self-taught. I sat with the producer of my first album and unintentionally absorbed every part of our time working together. I also work with incredible musicians who have shared their creativity with me over the years, so I had a lot of experience to play with. I set up a studio at home which was the beginning of a new found creative freedom. I could really play around with ideas and take my time to create the textures that I like, I feel that this record is exactly to my current taste. I had a huge creative shift after finishing this album, I felt utterly liberated in my creative ownership and just continued making things from the album cover to the videos.

IB: Your history includes living on the streets at a young age and being caught in a drug raid. How have these experiences shaped your perspective on society and the world around you?

LISA: I was rarely living on the streets, I always found somewhere to stay, even if it wasn't conventionally safe. I think those years helped me like people. I have a genuine interest in peoples experiences, I don’t believe in taking political sides because ultimately that is used to divide and conquer. I have a pretty high threshold for intense situations, so I don’t fear people. I question biased news - I have a tendency to obsessively research things for a more balanced view. And I think opinions are overrated but that’s just my opinion….

IB: Your album features stunning visuals and artwork that you created yourself. How do these visuals complement and enhance the music you have written?

LISA: The visuals are an extension of my creative expression, I am just adding another piece of myself into the mix.

IB: And the final question. Is there an album launch event scheduled, and where can I purchase tickets for the concert?:)

LISA: Friday 14th April 2023 at The Green Note in Camden. Tickets available here:

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