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10 Questions with | LYNDSAY

Lyndsay upcoming debut album “Dopamine” release on the 20th of september. The album includes 12 pop tracks overall in which some had already been handpicked by the leading radio. Indie Boulevard had the chance to chat with Lyndsay, and talk about the new album, future plans and unplugged show at Ivy House Malta.

IB: Hi Lyndsay, nice to meet you. Well, how do you feel? Your debut album Dopamine is coming out on September 20th, are you worried about its release?

LYNDSAY: I feel very excited and proud to be releasing my upcoming debut album. It’s been a long time coming and it wasn’t easy especially being an independent artist but here I am making it happen! I have worked so hard on this and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

IB: You've been making music professionally for quite long, but only now you've decided that it's time for a full-length album, and this is a whole new level. Why did it take so long?

LYNDSAY: I have released a number of singles, collaborations/remixes as well as EPs throughout my career and I have always felt that the album was the next big step but I never really had the opportunity to work on this project until I managed to team up with the music company Highkey Music from the UK. I feel that I’m constantly evolving and changing as an artist and I really wanted to bring out a different side of me in this album.

IB: Recently, you released a new single called "Trippin" to support the album. Tell us a little bit about the song.

LYNDSAY: My latest track “Trippin’” brings out a high energy vibe and has a very feel-good tune whilst embodying the catchy appeal of pop music. I’m also very happy to announce that it has made it to the number one spot in the Top 20 local chart show!

IB: The music video for this song is just incredible. How did you get the idea to use animation?

LYNDSAY: The music video for this song is produced and directed by Aaron Zarb which is based on an animated character filled with bright colors and hallucinations. I think it fits perfectly with the genre and makes you want to dance!

IB: In honor of the release of "Dopamine", fans will have a chance to get an official launch party at Ivy House Malta, and see an exclusive unplugged live show. Tell us about this event. Will there be surprises?

LYNDSAY: I shall be officially launching the album on Tuesday 20th September at Ivy House, Pembroke from 8:30 pm onwards where I will be performing a live unplugged show with the band including 5 unreleased tracks. I shall be having Lulu on guitar as a supporting act, the popular singer Matt Blxck as a special guest and don’t forget the after party with DJ il-West! Limited copies "Dopamine" will be available on sale. There’s also going to be a big surprise so don’t miss it! 

IB: You perform live quite often and there are always a lot of people who come to your concerts. Was there the strangest place you performed?

LYNDSAY: I have performed at a number of local prominent venues and every gig is a different experience. It’s such a great feeling when you come together and connect with the audience!

IB: More than 7 years have passed since you performed at Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Would you like to participate again and represent your country at Eurovision 2023?

LYNDSAY: Personally, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has been the biggest milestone in my career back in 2015 and it was definitely an experience that I will never forget. I can‘t really exclude my participation in the future so who knows? Never say never!

IB: The life of an artist is very difficult: endless trips, sound check, performance, public attention. Lucky if you have time to return home before dawn. Same thing on the next day. How do you manage a work-life balance as an artist?

LYNDSAY: I think time management is the key of everything and it’s very important to balance things out whilst prioritizing certain things. I‘m always on the go and somehow I have always managed to work this out!

IB: You're an independent, self-made artist with no big labels, and you know, without "right friends with big wallets". What advice would you give to other independent musicians?

LYNDSAY: Never give up on your dreams and always believe in yourself!

IB: And the last question. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

LYNDSAY: My biggest ambition is to reach my goals as an established artist and hopefully I will manage to set my foot abroad for greater opportunities!

LYNDSAY'S debut album "Dopamine" will be available on all digital platforms and physical copies on September 20th. Connect with LYNDSAY via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook







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