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33 E.P. by Matt Florio

Over in a very flash, Matthew Florio new EP “33 E.P.” is a rolling of beautiful guitar compositions. There are only two tracks on the album, but each track has its own distinctive beauty and they all feel emotional and delicately crafted.

"33 E.P." is a punchy, rolling spiral of notes that glides along at a fair old-school tempo. It isn't an immediate melody but Matt brings an enthusiasm and power to the feeling of the guitar instrument. On the other hand It's an absolutely unique sound and "home studio" production. You can hear the guitar strings jingling and whistling, and the guitar itself is the main character. EP straddles the two styles, two songs offer a floating melody like a falling rain.

Matthew Florio is a very talented composer and performer and what’s here is tastefully restrained with some unique flair bubbling under. It’s just a mild crime that the EP have only two songs. I’d have liked a couple more tracks to break al least the 15-minute mark for it to feel truly like an EP but what’s here is beautiful.

The first song "334" showcases all these ideas in a single track. It is a slow dance, building up from simple motif to hypnotic arrangement, becoming more omnipresent and powerful over time. It wasn’t something that clicked on first listen but this track, with the lights off, works an absolute treat. The concept around "334" is to document and work with mini ideas of guitar hooks or chords that can be woven into your own composition.

The second track "335" starts with a pretty funky melody. Again it feels like there is no metronome or score as such, improvising around ideas and so sometimes notes will jump slightly out of time or have a little pause in places. It adds to the human element of the recording, which I really enjoy. "335" is a beautiful piece that feels like a big sister of "334". The track is detailed and intricate in the way how Matt lays out chords. As a result, both tracks affect you differently as a listener.

"334" is a smooth ambient ballad of guitar licks that refresh you like a spring water. It is dense, vibrant and a fantastic way to introduce Matthew Florio and his work. On the flipside, "335" is a light and reflective chord pattern that grows in complexity over time. Both remind me of that relaxed, wholesome vibe. As a result, "33 E.P" by Matthew Florio feels remarkably fresh, nodding to the past and taking inspiration from the world around us.

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