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'A Cell To Call Home' by ADVENT HORIZON: The Album That's Redefining Rock Genre in 2023

"A Cell To Call Home" by Advent Horizon is an album that demands careful immersion. After three years of creation and anticipation, the band presents their most ambitious work. This modern progressive rock album, consisting of 11 compositions, impresses with its complexity and depth. Besides being a conceptual album with characters and a storyline, it's a mysterious and bittersweet tale of unfathomable love, self-doubt, and fragile loss. Within the boundless soundscapes of these notes, the fate of a character unfolds, one who dares to break the bonds of drug addiction. And, as unconventional as this "revelation" may be, it undoubtedly carries the musical thread that weaves a thematic motif, creating a vivid, sometimes dreamlike, surreal world. Emotions, pain, passion, and power in this album find expression through bold guitar riffs, thundering drums, a solid bass, and keyboards. The vocals, like a soul's cry, tear space apart. Get charged with the relentless energy of rock by embarking on a journey through the album "A Cell To Call Home" right now. Perhaps the highlight of this album is the fact that it features a whole roster of guest stars. Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater, Dave Meros from Spock's Beard, Randy McStine from Porcupine Tree, and Jared Hill from Snow Child - all of them have contributed their exceptional talents to the project.

As I've already noted, these endless three years dedicated to creativity were well worth the wait. The band not only proves but ignites the feeling within you that every moment was filled with vibrant creativity, incredible inspirations, and impeccable control over every note and sound. Don't believe it? Just listen to the track "Water." It begins with gentle piano notes, like a touch to the soul, and then, like a furious whirlwind, gains momentum with each passing second. Guitars erupt in unrestrained fury, the rhythm of the drums ignites the atmosphere, and the vocals tear your soul in half. This is pure steel, a metallic fire encapsulated in the mesmerizing piano melody, as if a promise of endless tranquility in this world soaked in pain.

The track "How Did It Get so Good?" starts with an intriguing sonic landscape: guitars shimmer, and mysterious keys create an atmosphere. The vocals and choirs impress with their power, crafting a true metal rock ballad that strikes at the heart. As the song unfolds, the instruments engage in a virtuoso dance, completely enveloping us. This seven-minute track confirms that Advent Horizon is genuine innovators in rock music. Midway through the album, we encounter the acoustic composition "Your Flaws." The melody suddenly breaks, giving way to the tender voices of the band members, Kristen Macdonald included. They create a tranquil atmosphere for a rock ballad that leaves an unforgettable impression.

I am absolutely thrilled with the track "Calling It Off." In this song, Advent Horizon explores a new sound, delving into textured blues and pop-rock motifs. Only the bass guitar and keys remind us of the presence of the subtle unease and power of the rock sound. Rylee McDonald's vocals skillfully conquer the high octaves, thereby captivating the listener's soul. The musicians create an incredibly free and all-encompassing album. Fearlessly experimenting with sound, they craft, without hesitation, a masterpiece of rock music. The emotional journey of the album concludes with the tracks "Cell to Call Home" and "Hold Me." It's as if a gentle ambient atmosphere fills the consciousness and transports it into space in the track "Cell to Call Home," only to shatter it with a driving and memorable rhythm. A light melancholy, captured in this track, seems to tighten the chest, and the dawn appears uncertain. I'm in awe of how the musicians play with styles. It's incomparable and incredibly moving. In the hands of Advent Horizon, rock music comes to life and explores new, uncharted realms of sound.

However, in the final track, "Hold Me," the clouds disperse, and the world is filled with light and hope. Rylee McDonald's voice gently floats in the arrangement of perfect rock sound to complete our journey on a bright note. But amid this bright and heartfelt conclusion, it's as though the musicians don't want to say goodbye, and this subtle touch of sadness still lingers within the so-called sound. It tugs at my heart, and I become a captive of this album, in which Advent Horizon has created true art, guiding us through their own world of rock music. Is it possible that this is the salvation of the main character? Maybe. Is this the end, or salvation for the soul? Perhaps. Can death be considered liberation? Yes. The album's conclusion can be interpreted in different ways, and you can choose the one that resonates most with you.

I do consider "A Cell To Call Home" a masterpiece, and... but that's how it is. I've always said and firmly believe that revolutions in the world of music are created by independent musicians. They are the ones who, by standing up for their unique musical vision, often confront injustice and a system that often prefers commercialism and mainstream. This injustice lies in the fact that talent and creativity do not always receive the recognition and support they deserve. However, despite all the challenges, independent musicians remain true to their art, warning against commercialization and preserving the distinctive nature of their music.


Advent Horizon is a clear example of this! It is they who, by daring to navigate the waves of injustice, can create music that truly moves the world forward and changes its face. And this, undoubtedly, deserves respect and recognition. The album offers a diverse range of tracks, from heavy and intense moments to introspective and melodic interludes. It keeps you engaged from start to finish. "A Cell To Call Home" is not just an album but a musical story with characters and a narrative that adds depth to the listening experience. If you appreciate music that pushes boundaries and evokes deep emotions, this album is a must-listen. Give it a try, and you might just discover a new favorite in your music collection!

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