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A Danceable Bliss on Neon Streets: SOFTWAVE'S 'Things We've Done' Review

The fusion of synth magic and pop culture spirit in vibrant coats sounds like a melodic ecstatic fantasy created by the Danish duo SoftWave. Catrine Christensen and Jerry Olsen, stars of the glittering synthetic sky, recently introduced their new album "things we've done" to a wide audience. The story of this team began in 2016 with the release of the EP "Together Alone," which marked the first chapter in the SoftWave. With those scorching synthesizers, flickering like stars in the night sky, they took the stage and won our musical hearts. Since then, the Danish duo has not only strengthened its position in the industry but also enhanced its character and sound with each new release. SoftWave has become masters of the stagecraft, creating stunning shows where sounds merge with visual impressions and the powerful energy of the group. They metaphorically and literally lift the listeners up into a world where synthesizers speak their unique language. "things we've done" is the long-awaited return of SoftWave, like a whirlwind, reviving their style and bringing it to unattainable perfection. In this album, the duo demonstrates maturity and confidence worthy of true musical veterans. They have created a collection of tracks that embody the new life of synth-pop, where melodies intertwine with emotions, and lyrics immerse us in their musical heritage.

Blending elements of synth-pop, disco, and Catrine Christensen's vocals, the new album envelops us in its enchantment, like a magical sorcerer, as in the track "Never Gonna Let You Down," recommended by the Danish National Radio. The sounds flow like sweet nectar into our ears, making our hearts beat to the rhythm of this captivating melody. In general, the world of "things we've done" is a world of dance and serenity. The production, perfected to excellence, and the textured sound transport us into a state of bliss, as if we are traveling on a cosmic ship in the track "Supernova." It's as if the best pop hits have merged into a whole, creating an atmosphere that's irresistible to move to.

Despite the fact that the group follows their hearts and sticks to the genre of electronic music, the new album showcases the duo in a new style. Mixing pop-commercial vocals, powerful hooks with cosmic retro keys, as in the track "Wake Up," SoftWave elevates their sound to perfection. Their distinctive high, cosmic electronic keyboard sound takes on lower and deeper shades. This textured sound fully and harmoniously comes to life in the track "Thank You For Breaking My Heart." Unfailingly, SoftWave forges ahead with their updated textured sound.

The album's concept draws attention to the ambiguity of issues in the world and the soul. The album's symbol is a blooming tree with roots intertwined with mechanical elements, and one part of the tree is hidden behind the clouds. Despite the positivity and danceability of the music, SoftWave touches the listener's heart and soul, emphasizing the importance of emotions and the fact that, no matter how cheerful a person may seem, there is always a corner of their soul hidden behind clouds from others. The very subtle and psychological clouds immediately shape the album's atmosphere, directing attention toward deep lyricism, psychology, and the thoughtfulness of the album. SoftWave invest their entire soul into their compositions, and the song lyrics resonate deeply with the listener's soul.

The first part of the album features a deep, dreamy sound with resonant basslines that encourage reflection and full immersion in contemplation. Then, a fast synth-dance drive takes over, as in the track "Don't Bully Me Again," which inevitably urges you to let go of your troubles and surrender to the music, simply dancing. I think this is probably my favorite track on the album since I generally love this kind of music, lively and carefree. This track is pure 80s.

SoftWave infuses a piece of their soul into every note of "things we've done," but special attention is given to the culmination of this musical epic. The track "The Deepest Love" is a heartfelt dance manifesto, saturated with emotions and passion. It's music that breaks through sadness and melancholy to reach our hearts, neutralizing every tear and easing the pain with perfect beats and delightful arrangements. The concluding track, "This World," is a modern pop-synthetic masterpiece, a powerful message to the world from SoftWave. The electronic vibrations and musical energy of this composition reflect the musicians' desire to move forward, blending styles and genres. It's an electronic journey that unites us and calls for new horizons.


"things we've done," despite its retro style throughout the album, is a bold step forward that will undoubtedly captivate not only devoted fans of synthesized pop sounds but also attract new listeners into the captivating world of SoftWave. This album is a genuine masterpiece capable of rewriting the rules of the game in contemporary pop music.

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