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A STEP BEHIND by Alex Blizzy

Discovering something that causes your soul to quiver is akin to a miracle, a revelation of consciousness and tranquility. That's exactly how I felt when I first heard the music of Alex Blizzy, hailing from Nashville. The release of his debut album "A Step Behind" instantly captivated me with its high-quality Americana sound and soulful lyrics. Alex is a true master of country, acoustic, and Americana genres. The album immerses listeners in an atmospheric journey, beckoning them to detach from the world and take a ride in a pickup truck. With its dusty, sharp and refined sound, reminiscent of the winds of the West. “A Step Behind" is a truly captivating album that will instantly draw you in. The craftsmanship of Alex Blizzy's songwriting is on full display here. Each track is a testament to his skill as a musician and storyteller, immersing the listener in a world of freedom and adventure, where the wind blows through your hair and the open road stretches out before you.

To really understand how it works, close your eyes and let the music take you on a journey where you are the main character in a road movie. Alex Blizzy's debut album "A Step Behind" is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. As the first track "A Step Behind" starts playing, the soft strums of the guitar mingle with the drums, deep bass, and the artist's soulful vocals. The song filling you with a sense of freedom and lightness, and taking you on a journey that you'll never forget.

As you continue your journey through "A Step Behind", you'll be taken on a ride full of emotional ups and downs. Tracks like "Drinking Town" and "Wrong End of Goodbye" will transport you to the heart of Americana, while "These Footsteps" will slow things down with its sensual balladry. Alex's use of backing vocals and guitar solos add to the melancholic atmosphere, creating compositions that are deep and emotional. But don't let the sadness get you down for too long, as "Comin' for You" bursts in with an unexpected twist. Alex incorporates synth keyboards to the rhythmic pattern with such skill that even the most seasoned Americana fans will feel like they're experiencing the genre for the first time. I really admire Alex's ability to create songs that honor the classic Americana sound, while also infusing it with a fresh and innovative twist.

As the album draws to a close, Alex Blizzy continues to experiment with the sound and composition of his tracks. In "Even the Strongest Girls", he evokes the soft atmosphere of 2000s films, while "Love on Paper" showcases his talent for creating a romantic, tender ambiance with the help of country guitars and slow rhythms. The album concludes with "Culture King" and "Never Felt Better". Personally, my favorite track on the album is "Culture King". It's a true gem! The musician seamlessly blends rock motifs with his vocals, highlighting the importance of the song's sound. He expertly combines genres, taking his listeners on an amazing adventure into his world. The final track, "Never Felt Better", is a light and melodic farewell, imbued with history and sadness. Alex tells a captivating story that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.


Alex Blizzy's debut album, "A Step Behind," is a powerful testament to his versatility as a musician and his ability to push the boundaries of traditional Americana music. Through his honest and confessional lyrics, Blizzy invites the listener on a journey full of lightness, melancholy, and wind in the hair. The organicity of the album is impressive, as Alex effortlessly switches from soft and sensual ballads to foot-tapping, upbeat tracks that leave the listener craving for more. In my opinion, "A Step Behind" is an outstanding work of art that captures the essence of Americana music at its finest. Alex's honest and confessional lyrics, combined with his mastery of various genres, make for an album that is both captivating and memorable. With this debut, Blizzy has shown that he has what it takes to become one of the most sought-after musicians in the industry.

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