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A TIDE by Bad Bubble

Musical works can take on a special charm and meaning when accompanied by music videos. Composer Bad Bubble is known for his deep and conceptual pieces of music. However, in his track "A Tide," he showcases his talent as an instrumentalist who is not only proficient in electronic samples, but also in orchestral ambient pads.

The track "A Tide" has a gentle and light sound that strongly resembles ambient music in both sound and atmosphere. The musician has made a significant leap forward by reinforcing the emotions of the music in the video. The video begins with the single's cover, which features a raven looking at the listener with one eye. Ravens have always been a symbol in literature as birds from another world, acting as conductors between the world of people and the world of spirits.

In the video's introduction, pictures flash, as if showing two worlds. One world is drowning in smoke, factories, and working noise, erasing people's dreams of a luxurious life from their thoughts. In contrast, in another world, a woman is stealthily looking at this gray, colorless world through a window. Movement in the clip is one of the critical components. The viewer rushes swiftly through an endless string of industrial buildings, reflecting the fast and irrevocable course of life. Life is fleeting and flies by in a moment, and often the only thing that surrounds it is a wall of detachment and isolation.

In the video, two worlds meet. One world is colored, and life boils in it, and the ocean caresses the shore as a sign of freedom. In contrast, the other world is closed only by one road in a circle among the repeating landscape of buildings. The video can be interpreted in different ways. Perhaps two worlds are inside the consciousness of one person, leading to some kind of duality from which the head hurts. The protagonist of the story also looks out the window towards the end of the clip, which seems like a very sacred and intimate moment. It is here that there appears to be an exchange of glances with the girl who looked out the window at the beginning of the video. This is wonderful!


The music video and the track "A Tide" are interdependent and cannot exist without each other. The video enhances the impression of instrumental music, and the music acquires new colors and shades thanks to the video. It is recommended to watch the clip not only as a video accompaniment to the Bad Bubble's track, but also as a short film in which the author has laid down many meanings, interpretations, and ideas.

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