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Afterbirth Cartoons unleashed: redefining the essence of punk rock with "Fire Flower"

You're likely aware of how music serves a multitude of purposes. Musicians can create releases that advocate for justice or caution, some explore the very essence of things, while others aim to heal or manifest their sincere desires and dreams through the world of music. This path is incredibly diverse, and I'd like to introduce another possibility to the extensive list: the merging of fun and protest. Afterbirth Cartoons, a punk band that encourages listeners to unwind with friends before diving into a video game, all while freely expressing their thoughts about global events in an unstructured manner. These guys possess a deep understanding of enjoyment, creativity, and self-expression, and their music emanates directly from their souls. Each chord in Afterbirth Cartoons' music embarks on an unforgettable adventure that captivates the mind and encourages a lighter perspective. Yea, I am absolutely intrigued by the band and their new record, "Fire Flower," which is available now. This album brings music to a whole new level, as Afterbirth Cartoons skillfully reimagines the punk rock genre, unveiling fresh and intriguing facets of creativity.

Afterbirth Cartoons consists of three gender fluid punks, who embrace their sexuality, indulge in copious amounts of weed, and simply revel in the joys of life on our beautiful planet Earth. They are accomplishing something truly remarkable with their second album, "Fire Flower." It's a fusion of untamed punk, scorching riffs, biting sarcasm, and parodic personas that flow into my ears, immersing me in Afterbirth Cartoons' acid-infused world. The new album comprises 14 tracks that not only ignite a fresh spark in your world but also make it easier to view things. It encourages you to relish every second and, damn it, even invites friends to your room to smash it all to pieces.

The album kicks off with an intro track, as if marking the beginning of a party. The pleasing aural chaos, fragments of phrases, and the harmonious merging of instruments set the stage. The blistering, passionate, and fiery punk announces itself, leaving no room for retreat. In just the second track, the musicians assume the role of modern-day caricature artists, offering listeners a narrative experience accompanied by the melodic chirping of birds in "Lunch Break." In "TMNT Theme," guitars and drums collaborate to craft a gentle punk cloud that entices you to linger indefinitely. The unbridled rhythms and infectious vocal lines are executed with such delightful precision that one desires to bask in the track's endless embrace.

Alvah, Mathaniel and Galatea

The band refuse to confine themselves to a single genre or rhythm. In "Fever Dream," punk intertwines with funky guitar riffs, while the drums establish an exhilarating tempo that guides the listener seamlessly into "Mother Fucker." This track plunges you into a carefree evening with friends, where smoke and chill.

Evocative imagery, and a laid-back ambiance allow for complete immersion in a carefree atmosphere, without disregarding the important messages conveyed by Afterbirth Cartoons. "Bonus Level" and "Dp River Water" resonate resoundingly, as the musicians exhibit an insatiable desire to articulate complex ideas in an amusing and distinctive manner. It's akin to discovering my cherished punk rock cassette, inserting it into your radio, and reliving the exhilaration of a high school disco all over again. The middle of the album sneaks up imperceptibly, and it's in the tracks "Grocery Store Cowboy" and "Get Away" that the musicians alter the rhythm and transition to slower tones.

In "Grocery Store Cowboy," it's as if a clandestine tale begins, shedding light on the things we witness daily but choose to remain silent about. Meanwhile, "Get Away" exudes a hazy essence, allowing the mind to wander detached from the body, fully indulging in the present moment. Indeed, listening to Afterbirth Cartoons' new release enables an easy escape from worries and challenges. "Commercial Break" and "SuperRasputin"are powerful punk tracks capable of introducing newcomers to the genre and captivating everyone with their music, while "Shadowboxer" enthralls listeners completely. The musicians save the most enticing elements for the final tracks, "Days Of Decisions" and "Headless Judges," skillfully manipulating keys and rhythms to leave a lasting impression.


"Fire Flower" sets a standard for the punk sound, capable of transforming your day, helping you unwind, and disregarding your problems. I recommend this album to anyone who loves punk music and to those seeking to shatter conventions and embark on a fresh start. From a technical standpoint and in terms of innovation, the album is brilliant, incorporating cinematic interludes and gritty mixes. Ultimately, we have one of the finest punk rock albums of 2023 with "Fire Flower." I highly encourage giving it a listen. Some will vehemently criticize and dismiss it as bad taste, while others will praise it and listen to it repeatedly. Such is the nature of cherished works. Regardless, Afterbirth Cartoons' "Fire Flower" shines remarkably bright, which is undoubtedly a significant merit.

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