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ALL THE WHILE I WAS AWAY by Reece Sullivan

New single 'All The While I Was Away' by Reece Sullivan is an acoustic dance through the summer night.

The more I study music journalism, the more I come to the conclusion that most listeners do not need anything complex or original at all - for them, it's more important that the tracks are pleasant to listen to. The atmosphere that Reece Sullivan creates goosebumps and soothes at the same time. 'All The While I Was Away' is an interweaving of guitar parts, imbued with a subtle feeling of tenderness and love. This is especially noticeable at the beginning of the track and during the losses, but everything changes once Reece's voice is heard. His singing leaves a feeling of sadness and solitude.

It's a beautifully performed song with picking gentle guitars. Reece mixes the moods into the sound to give the listener their own personal feeling. In my opinion, the creation of the track 'All The While I Was Away' required a lot of experience from the musician. Reese's vocals shoot straight to the heart. He seems to want to shout something important to the outside world and people. Perhaps this is the confession of Reece himself, because for me this song has become a real revelation. 'All The While I Was Away' is a superb way to experience the music of Reece Sullivan.

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