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ALLIE Tells All: "I Feel Like My Brain Is a Revolving Door Of Musical Ideas"

Our encounter with the ethereal ALLIE beckons, unveiling the enigmatic origins of her mesmerizing debut opus, 'Better Without You'. Within the hallowed chambers of this exclusive interview, we shall delve into the labyrinthine corridors of Allie's artistic pilgrimage, peeling back the layers that shroud her melodies in mystery.


As the sun casts its golden tendrils upon the landscapes of her creation, we shall unearth the raw sentiments that kindled the ember of her composition, allowing 'Better Without You' to blaze forth. This interview is your perfect backstage pass to explore the journey that led to this captivating song. From the personal stories that inspired the music to the seamless teamwork with Michael Williams, we're unwrapping the entire creative package. We'll step into the studio's magic, where the music came to life, and relive the story of the mesmerizing music video.

Indie Boulevard unravel the depths of ALLIE' music. With a blend of experience and dreams, she'll share what lies on her creative horizon, giving us a taste of the melodies yet to come.

INDIE BOULEVARD: Hi Allie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First of all, a huge congratulations on the release of your debut single, 'Better Without You'! The song is really captivating, and I'm dying to know more about the story behind it. Could you take us on a journey through the inspiration that led to the creation of this track?

ALLIE: Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it. I have wanted to write this song for YEARS but had an insane amount of writer's block. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but just couldn't come up with the right words. This song is about a time I was in a very toxic relationship where I was literally cheated on from day 1. Foolishly, I just kind of let it happen and kept getting my feelings hurt. It got to the point where he would literally text her right in front of me. He finally ended up ghosting me and I spent Christmas and New Year's that year in immense pain and heartbreak where I felt like it would never end. But now, fast forward 5 years later, I realize that I'm better without him. "All the times I thought my heart would never heal" is one of my favorite lyrics in the song because I truly thought I was never going to be happy again.

IB: The collaboration with Michael Williams seems seamless in the song. Could you share with us the story behind how you two came together for this project?

ALLIE: So, Mike and I have been best friends since college. We lived across the hall from one another in our dorm in 2019. We basically instantly connected when we met, and the fact that we are both musicians, we kind of immediately had plans to do music stuff together. We performed in the same chorus/band concert that year and knew at some point we wanted to make a song together. It originally started as an idea to make a Christmas song together (which will probably still happen at some point in time, LOL). But, he basically told me to come up with an idea and then we can both expand upon it. So for all these years, like I said, I haven't been able to come up with anything and then finally back in February of this year, I was sitting in my morning meeting at work and had a burst of lyrical ideas. I brought my ideas to him and how I wanted it to sound musically and told him I wanted him to be a part of it, and he was all in. My idea was to have a male and female voice part where the female was confident and better without that person while the male voice feels a sense of regret, and I think we captured that really well.

IB: Recording a debut single is a memorable experience. Could you describe the atmosphere in the studio with Mike while working on 'Better Without You'? Any interesting anecdotes from the recording sessions?

ALLIE: Recording this single was truly a memorable experience, and I definitely couldn't have done it by myself. The atmosphere in the studio from start to finish was nothing but lighthearted and full of super goofy times. I was nervous to release this song since it was my debut and I haven't really shown the world my voice before, so making this song with Mike was definitely a blessing because I didn't have to be timid or shy. Studio sessions basically consisted of late nights and us getting around to eating dinner because we both worked all day and hadn't eaten for hours! The most memorable was eating Taco Bell and Panda Express at like 9:00 at night. But most of all, it was a lot of laughs, good times, and super productive sessions. It was great to have creative freedom while getting the chance to collaborate as well.

IB: The music video for the song looks stunning! Could you walk us through the creative process of bringing the visuals to life? Any challenges or standout moments during the shoot?

ALLIE: Thank you! I am happy with the way the music video came out. I had a specific vision of the first verse starting out in my bedroom. The beginning of the song is a little mysterious in my opinion, so the dark mood lighting was a great addition. Then, for the chorus to the end of the song I knew I wanted it out in a field or park, or something like that. I went to a park in Lakeland, FL and the story behind this is a little funny. I asked my cousin, who mind you has two twin babies, to take out a chunk of her afternoon/evening to help this vision come to life. And when I tell you she was a trooper, I MEAN IT! We got there at like maybe 5 PM and didn't leave till probably around 8; right after sunset. We shot all of my parts and then waited in the car for a little over an hour because Mike was driving from a band rehearsal. I was a little nervous he wasn't going to make it before the sunset, but thankfully he got there just in time. Then, of course, even though my camera battery said fully charged when I checked periodically throughout the day, it was flashing red. So, I had a lot of ideas that didn't get to come to fruition because I didn't want my camera to die, but I'm still happy about the way it came out.

IB: It's clear that the lyrics of 'Better Without You' have struck a chord with listeners, resonating on a deeper level. Your words seem to capture emotions that many can relate to. As the artist behind this powerful track, what specific message or emotion did you intend to convey to your audience?

ALLIE: It makes me so happy that this song resonates with people. My main goal as a singer/songwriter is to make music that people can relate to and use for comfort music. The specific message I intended to convey for this song is to know that it does get better. This song doesn't even have to relate to a relationship, it can be anything: friendships, family, etc. You may feel like you're never going to get out of this rut, but just know that you will get through it and come out of it thinking "Wow, I really am better without that person." Time and growth isn't linear. Take the time to feel all of the emotions, and if it takes a while to get through it, that's okay too.


IB: Musical journeys often have significant turning points. How does it feel to have your debut single out in the world, and how do you think it marks a new chapter in your career?

ALLIE: It feels great to have my debut single out in the world. Like I said earlier, I was SO nervous to release it. Honestly, my voice has been one of my biggest insecurities. I tend to overthink and am super critical of myself, but I knew I wanted to take the risk because this has always been a dream of mine. Let me tell you, the reactions have been nothing but supportive and positive. I have gotten so many messages from people saying they have added this to their playlist, or they listen to it all the time. I got a comment on Tik Tok from someone saying this song has gotten them through a very stressful time and that makes my heart so full. I am so glad I made the choice to release it because I feel like it has been a stepping stone. Without saying too much, I auditioned for a high profile "thing" (I don't know how to say it without giving it away, lol) and I don't think I would've ever done that if I didn't release the song. However the outcome is, I am super proud of myself. The song has also been a stepping stone to writing and creating more music. I have started to embark on the journey of learning guitar and piano and it has helped me so much with songwriting. I think not only a new chapter of my career, but also my life has started post-debut single, and I am the happiest I've ever been. I've been a part of the music world my whole life, but there's just something different about actually creating your own music.

IB: Your sound in this single showcases a unique blend of genres. Could you tell us about your musical influences that contributed to shaping the distinctive style of this song?

ALLIE: I have a lot of musical influence for this song and just in general. I would have to say Tate McRae and Taylor Swift are my two biggest influences and inspirations. The beginning of "better without you" is very synthy, which a lot of Tate's songs are. I wanted to incorporate that in some way because I just love the way it sounds. Taylor is my #1 musical influence and specifically for this song, I tried to incorporate her talented songwriting. I tried to get deep and challenge myself to think of great lyrics. From the demo to the master, the lyrics changed so much and definitely for the better.

IB: Could you give us a sneak peek into your future plans? Any hints about upcoming projects or directions you'd like to explore in your music?

ALLIE: I have a lot of things in the works right now. I've kind of taken a second to try to promote my debut single as much as I can, but now it's time to start thinking of future releases. I'm hoping to have at least two more songs out by the end of the year. I'm also trying to create a little DIY "home studio" and learn to produce my own music just as an extra challenge to myself. I have at least one song right now that is almost done and I'm excited to be able to announce that soon! It really leans into more lofi/synthy/Tate McRae vibes. Also, if this audition goes well, things may take off in the best way, so that's definitely up in the air for now but I am for sure working on new music and new ideas pop into my head every day. I feel like my brain is a revolving door of musical ideas and that's what I think about like 90% of the time, lol.

IB: Aside from your music career, are there any other artistic endeavors or hobbies that you're passionate about? How do these other interests influence or inspire your musical creativity?

ALLIE: I love to dance. Along with singing, I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. It's something I've always been passionate about. When I'm dancing, I feel so carefree and happy. This influences my singing and songwriting because I'd love to eventually make a song I can dance to. If I ever get to the point where I am performing on stages, I would love to incorporate some choreography into my songs.

IB: And the last question. We've all had those moments when a song gets stuck in our head and refuses to leave. Can you share a recent catchy tune that's been your 'earworm,' or are you currently victorious in the battle against the musical invasion?

ALLIE: Right now, "the lakes" by Taylor Swift is stuck in my head. Honestly, anything off folklore is stuck in my head at any given time. That is my all-time favorite album of hers because it's just so raw and I love the storyline and how all of the songs connect in some way. I know it's probably cliche to like Taylor Swift right now because it's basically all you see on social media, but she really is my biggest inspiration personally and musically. She is so talented and I hope someday to be as big as she is all while still staying humble and true to myself.

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