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Amidst the Jungles and Primal Melodies: Flaner Klespoza's New Album 'Black Coco'

At night, when the stars shone brighter than usual and the shadows grew thicker, the world of music blossomed under the gaze of a mysterious sound creator - Flaner Klespoza. His name wove through people like a shadow on the wall, but his music sounded as if it summoned secret forces from the abyss of the deepest dreams. Enveloped in darkness and mystique, Flaner Klespoza was like an enigma immersed in the sounds of his own creation. His steps faded into the pattern of the streets, as if he were a ghost wandering amidst the mundane. No one knew where he came from or where he disappeared to after each musical masterpiece, which emerged as if from dusty ancient tales.

Flaner Klespoza's virtuosic creation, an artist mysteriously immersed in the world of sounds and fantasies, exposes the boundaries of art and nature. Flaner Klespoza, this mysterious musician embarked on a journey for inspiration and discovered enigmatic jungles that inspired him to create the ambient electronic album "Czarny Kokos" ("Black Coco"). It's intriguing how this album merges space and sound. Flaner Klespoza acts as a guide in this audio-visual journey, each track on the album is a step into uncharted territories of imagination. Skillfully, he transports us from melodic peaks to musical valleys, crafting sonic landscapes that caress the ear and engage the imagination.

The new album "Czarny Kokos" is a blend of ambient, electronic music, and ritual chants, augmented by real nature sounds recorded by the artist. The tracks seamlessly transition, creating a story unfolding in the wild. The first track, "Tropikalne wiatry," evokes a sense of mystery and the uncharted territory of a world untouched by humans and technology. "Tajemnice porcelanek" and "Dryfujący bambus" provoke feelings of the unusual and unexplored. Electronic music shifts to ambient, gradually intensifying and drawing the listener into a narrative that might harbor dangers and local tribes. "Dryfujący bambus" concludes with ambient sounds, symbolizing the sunset and a shift in the album's mood.

Тrack "Podróż cyklonu" creates a sensation of a new world, a new movement, with beautiful female vocals that emotionally evolve towards the end. What's notable about the album is that the artist doesn't reveal his face. This renders his music entirely free, almost as if it exists on its own, in its own world. The main character featured in the promotional photos is the Black Coco, seemingly exploring a new world in the jungles, stumbled upon by chance. Flaner Klespoza crafts new music, pouring in all his soul, passion, and inspiration. It's through this that the story of a new world and uncharted jungles in the album grips and sparks an interest to fully immerse oneself in the tale, to dissolve into it.

The final tracks on the album are the strongest both musically and conceptually. "Zielone kraby" sounds vibrant and modern, with light, stylish pop motifs that transition into sounds of water and purification towards the end. It's as if the difficulties are behind, and ahead lies nothing but happiness. The track "Tańczące palmy" concludes the album on an unusual note. It introduces entirely new motifs, making the finale even more unique. The music seems as though it's from another world, with unconventional sounds and harmonies. The conclusion wraps up the album on a note that puts a definitive end to this adventure. The main character is free, and the world of the jungles remains as untamed and authentic as it was.


Each track on this record is a step into uncharted realms of imagination, carrying us through melodic peaks and musical valleys, creating a sonic tapestry that's unforgettable. The blend of ambient, electronic elements, and nature sounds personally recorded by Flaner Klespoza creates the illusion of diving into a story unfolding in the wild. Perhaps it's in a parallel universe or a future yet unexplored. The beauty of this album lies in how each listener can unfold their unique narrative, immersing themselves in this epic sonic story.

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