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Andy Smythe's 'Out of My Mind' – A Love Letter to London's Lively Soul!

In the world of art, there is an eternal question: whether to adhere to established frameworks and trends, or to prefer the free, inner expression of the artist? Andy Smythe's music has always been imbued with deep meanings, while sincerely reflecting his inner world. It exudes a sense of freedom, allowing the artist to express himself without the constraints of established trends.

Andy Smythe's latest single, "Out of My Mind," is now available on all digital platforms starting today, and, of course, we couldn't pass by such an event. In this track, spring rhythms blend perfectly with an arrangement that merges several styles and genres, emphasizing the search for love in the bustling life of London. According to Andy, the new single reflects the noise and vastness of city life, felt through the song's rich rhythm, bright trumpets, and hook inserts hinting that the track's protagonist is ready to perform a miracle, pursuing his happiness.

We all experience the grandeur, the movement, the endless diversity of London that makes us dream, create, and believe in something greater. The heart of this metropolis beats in the rhythm of its streets, its sounds, its people. "Out of My Mind" can simply be listened to, forgetting everything else, and seeking a source of strength and inspiration within it. However, the true beauty of the track lies in its light atmosphere, making "Out of My Mind" perfect for daily listening in your playlist. I recommend it to anyone yearning for a classic and vintage sound.

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