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ANYTHING GOES by David San Clair

David San Clair is a diverse singer songwriter who has the ability to write a pop rock song that will get stuck in your head for days or a love ballad that will resonate within your heart. But what will definitely not leave you indifferent is San Clair's crystal clear vocals that are at the forefront of his beautiful music.

Recently David released a fantastic debut EP called "Anything Goes". It takes six of the tracks and recreates the indie folk album with 70s rock & roll flair. "Anything Goes" is a really interesting discovery for the indie genre though and David makes it easy to get into his music and enjoy it. Taking a soft voice of angel, David swoons over the top of mushy guitars, drums and in a light and woolly way. The opener song "A Love Story" really plays on that EP to superb effect. Actually, "A Love Story’  (which is part of the next song) I heard the mood of Twin Peaks that creates a great atmosphere and prepares us for the lead song. "Anything Goes", is the perfect introduction to David San Clair's music. The acoustic guitar chords are offset with often free-flowing vocals that take off when the chorus hits. It also helped me tune into Clair’s voice.  

In song like "This Life" he uses a fingerpicking style on the guitar that beautifully accompanies his voice. The song manages to stay on the right side of catchy and elegant. "Tell Me Something" whilst its the most light and probably most accessible track of the EP. David shares the same acoustic softness and that ‘ teenage love story’ vibe. It is a pop rock song to savour though.

"Tell The People" is a blazing rock & roll. It's kind of bland '70s-inspired  that washes over you, leaving a big impression and making you long for something a more melancholic, and... it happens! "Better than Myself" is a gorgeous pop rock ballad that showcases Clair's vocal warmth. Despite this being the final song on the EP the song is uplifting and full of sparkling pop melodies, and it has a really catchy chorus. Best track on the album.

Needless to say that the production and mix are at the highest level? I think it's pretty clear. David San Clair stands out from the crowd in his mixture of indie rock, 70's vibe and angelic vocals. "Anything Goes" is certainly a masterpiece. It’s over way too quickly but what is here - is magic.

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