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Are You Ready to Experience the Magic of Cold Weather Captains' Self-Titled Album?

On September 22, 2023, a group from Toronto, Cold Weather Captains, enriched the world of electric rock-funk with their debut full-length album. The Cold Weather Captains have already gained recognition both in their hometown of Toronto and in the digital media space. However, their journey has been filled with aspirations, efforts, and a wholehearted dedication to their craft. Their journey began in 2018 as an instrumental trio featuring Bradley Scott (lead guitar), Erik Meechem (rhythm guitar), and Kevin Penny (drums). A few years later, in 2021, the trio made their debut on the music scene with an instrumental EP titled "City Limits." Cold Weather Captains were exploring and searching for their sound. Their music on the debut EP is characterized by analog warmth and echoes of live performance, as well as a journey across genres, from alternative rock to country, from funk to bossa nova. The trio was trying to find their style and sound, and it was only when they joined forces with a lead vocalist (Justin Di Donato) and a bassist (Christina Dare) that their quest for their own sound was completed.

The analog, muffled sound of their first release has transformed into a strong, resilient, and powerful electric funk sound in Cold Weather Captains' eponymous full-length LP. The band, like a phoenix, spread their wings and took a giant step forward, finding themselves and their unique sonic style. In this new release, which was produced by Alex Gamble (known for working with Alvvays, Sarah Harmer, Fucked Up), the musicians have retained their rich and powerful analog sound, as heard in the track "Venom - Extended Version." However, now, thanks to the vocals and dense textured rhythms, the music has acquired a genuine style and unique energy. This energy penetrates to the core, especially when the powerful rock track "Big Bad Band" takes center stage. The perfect lyrics, emphasizing the boldness and uniqueness of the group, have the ability to linger in one's consciousness even after listening.

Undoubtedly, Cold Weather Captains are a band that knows how quality music should sound. Each member seems to find their own zone of creative comfort, and when they all come together to play, it's as if they're connected on a special, mental level, and this connection translates into their music. In the track "Dead Man Dancing," the technical, smooth yet powerful execution of electric funk intertwines with the sensuality in the vocals and the softness of their instrumental performance.

It's as if, taking a breather and delving into rock ballads, they've created a sensual and romantic track in "Eyes On Me." This infuses Cold Weather Captains' music with love and passion. The combination of professionalism and a deep love for music and their craft creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, much like in the track "Still Jammin'." Cold Weather Captains not only presented a stylish and fresh sound, but also emphasized their vibrant return with a unique aesthetic design. The bold new violet color accentuates their determination to move forward, shine brighter than all others, and outshine the rest. It's as if they've chosen neon purple as the color of their passion, and the musicians amplify this with the powerful rock track "Royal Purple," making it their signature on the album. The conceptual decisions regarding color, sound, and the flow of the music, resembling an ocean that alternately calms and surges with the gusts of rock and funk, complement the impeccable production.

The post-production sound engineering on this album is at the highest level. It's as if the vocals and each instrument were not only meticulously polished but also retained their soul, as evident in the track "Smooth Talker." It's worth noting that all the instruments were recorded live off the floor at Union Sound in Toronto, and their subsequent mastering, editing, and production were completed at Raventape Music Room.

The complete dedication of Cold Weather Captains to their craft is complemented by the album's unique musical concept. Closing the album with the track "Free," a slow dance reminiscent of the finest acoustic ballads with a stunning jazz piano solo. Cold Weather Captains seem to declare to the whole world that they are just beginning their journey. Their aspiration is reflected in the album, as it transitions from a powerful, resolute, and fiery funk-rock start to tender shifts with hints of soul jazz, warm funk, and hot rock, culminating in a soft and melancholic acoustic sound. If you don't feel the love between the notes, the sparks, the explosions, and the gripping, breathtaking sound, then you're definitely not truly listening to Cold Weather Captains.


The album's narrative arc is a thing of beauty. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, the album takes an unexpected turn, leading you into a soft and melancholic acoustic realm. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend immersing yourself in the sonic world crafted by Cold Weather Captains. Their album is bound to be the highlight of your day, if not the entire season.

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