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Beneath the Waves with SEAS Of MIRTH: "Kriller" and Its Marine Magic

Seas Of Mirth returned on September 22nd with a new album after 4 years of work on it. A funky psychedelic band from Nottingham, Seas Of Mirth, has already gained recognition in the UK and Europe for their unique style and energy. The acclaimed "Sub Marine Dreams," with its textured folk sound and hints of a desire to dive deeper into the waters of funk music, was replaced by their second album, "Hark the Headland Approacheth (2016)," and this is a different story altogether. Powerful tones, new cosmic elements, touches of 60s psychedelic sound, and complete harmony among the members, all striving for a more unique sound, continued their journey forward into new, uncharted depths. Continuing their dedicated work, the musicians kept searching for their perfect sound.

And here, the album "Kriller" embodies these aspirations. It's as if Seas Of Mirth, while exploring the ocean of funk-pop sound and descending ever more slowly into this underwater world of musical tales, discovered an uncharted underwater civilization where the party never stops. Indeed, the new album by Seas Of Mirth, "Kriller," is a psychedelic funk-pop that retains elements of a light folk sound, sometimes forsaking its neo-sound to add a dash of a national sound. While the musicians previously drew from Afrobeat elements, in "Kriller," in some songs, they explore classical Latin and Eastern motifs, as in the track "Strange Place Of Hiding."

The music of "Kriller" is diverse, unique, and unparalleled. It's challenging to pinpoint it to a specific genre or style. Discovering this album is akin to discovering a new planet. Can you confidently and immediately assign it a definition or draw parallels with familiar concepts? Undoubtedly, "Kriller" is music capable of changing the world and filling it with boundless happiness, as seen in the track "When The Night Knight Comes." In reality, the release of such an album, which continues the traditions of psychedelic funk, pop sound, and art-indie, as in the track "Amphibious Remedy," represents a new movement in music that completely alters the course of development in the music industry.

There are always artists who set trends or push music forward, and Seas Of Mirth are indeed one of them. I would even say that Seas Of Mirth are a shining example of this movement. Every element of the album, whether it's the textured rhythm in the track "Tiki Tak" or the unique, intricate, and contemplative vocals in the track "Strange Place Of Hiding," each element of this underwater party leaves a new sensation in the heart and completely alters one's perception of the world. It's as if Seas Of Mirth remain true to their style and chosen direction of alternative funk music, and they want to express their gratitude to their fans while maintaining their style in the new album.

However, in doing so, they look ahead, enticingly using funky rhythms, adding a touch of novelty, and offering their audience a new experience, possibly attracting a new audience that is not averse to sound experiments and the fusion of funk, alternative rock, and psychedelia in tracks like "Li'l Underworld" and "Bobbit." Seas Of Mirth adhere to a specific concept. The exploration of the underwater world, the creation of their own philosophy and universe, is supported by the album's marine cover art, which continues and complements the story. The vibrant colors symbolize the abundance of emotions and hues. The white and neon tones chosen by the musicians for presenting the release, as if Seas Of Mirth themselves embody that neon party in a new underwater realm.

All of this makes Seas Of Mirth's music so unconventional, fresh, and appealing to listeners. Each sound on the album "Kriller" exudes incredible energy. In "Neon Paradise," the rapid funk guitar blended with pop rhythms and textured Eastern backings beckons you to surrender and immerse yourself in the sounds completely, while in the track "The Night Goes On (And On (And On (And On)))," the dance atmosphere seems to sweep you off your feet, shattering all hints of melancholy. I'm sure that's why Seas Of Mirth play to packed venues because their music reflects everyone's desire to embrace happiness and carefree vibes. And perhaps their 'Autumn Tour' in the UK will visit your city, allowing you to transform and indulge in perfect funk-pop melodies.


Seas Of Mirth fearlessly ventured into uncharted territories, weaving a cosmic space that simultaneously pays homage to the past while venturing into the unexplored depths of the musical realm. If you're in search of a captivating auditory experience that defies conventional boundaries and immerses you, I would dare say, into the kingdom of the ocean, then "Kriller" by Seas Of Mirth is your musical compass in the uncharted depths.

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