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Beyond genre conventions: How 'Budump' by Jayms Joyce embraces the dystopian narrative

The power of "Budump" by Jayms Joyce lies in its ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. It immerses us in a cacophony of sound, unleashing feelings of unease, introspection, and even defiance.


Electronic music has the power to exhilarate dance floors and ignite an irresistible desire to move in rhythm. Additionally, it can transport us to a realm of personal feelings, emotions, and experiences. Today, I would like to draw your attention to "Budump," an electronic EP by the talented producer and composer Jayms Joyce. "Budump" serves as an epic narrative depicting the struggles, pain, and disappointment faced by an entire society engulfed by an unforgiving system. However, in accordance with the genre's conventions, a resistance emerges to combat the soulless system. It sounds like a dystopian tale, doesn't it? If that's what you thought, you're absolutely right. Jayms Joyce's debut release, the EP "Budump," effectively captures the complexities of dystopia. In this musical creation, the artist demonstrates not only his talent as a producer but also his prowess as a skilled author who brings his own world to life through music. And indeed, "Budump" meticulously portrays every minute detail of this crafted universe. It encompasses vibrant surges of synthetic keys, haunting violins, flickering neon lights, and captivating electronic vocals.

The EP consists of four tracks, each representing a revolutionary historical milestone within the vast universe it encompasses. In the opening track, "Budump," Jayms Joyce masterfully creates a sense of tension and isolation, immersing the listener in a world illuminated by vivid green neon lights. The beats pulsate with a rhythm that keeps us on edge and focused, while the electro-psychedelic-style synthetic elements envelop, inducing a state of complete immersion. Throughout the EP, the treatment of vocals and the messages conveyed by the musician play a significant role. In the first track, we constantly perceive a dualistic sound, evoking the impression that amidst the utter destruction of his surroundings, the protagonist of this dystopian world strives to maintain his sanity and a positive outlook. It's truly indescribable.

The subtleties of the world's demise can be discerned in the track titled "Space Escape." The presence of disharmony, tension, and a distinct rhythm intensifies the atmosphere, as if the fog is thickening and an inevitable catastrophe is looming. Jayms Joyce skillfully blends various sounds to construct an intricately detailed track. I want to emphasize both the exceptional quality of the music and the complexity of the composition. Each element finds its place within the track, with impeccable volume, clarity, and a perfectly crafted sonic landscape. The technical craftsmanship is truly remarkable, providing pure pleasure for the listener. Despite the mounting anxiety evoked by the low and minor piano segment, there remains an element of hope in the interplay of the synthesized beats.


In the penultimate track, "I Don't Believe in Faith," the musician's voice resurfaces. It serves as a vivid and memorable protest, making a strong statement to the world of Budump that things will not conform to the status quo. This track holds a special place as my favorite on the EP. It captivates with its abruptly altered rhythm and the introduction of weighty elements, as if a stretched bubble of tension has suddenly burst, plunging the world into a maelstrom of rage and fire. It creates an impression of a dystopian realm devoid of faith or hope, where the airwaves are filled with nothing but static instead of televised broadcasts. Jayms Joyce possesses the ability to extract the essence of music and construct entire events, worlds, and moods through the modulation of synthetic pads. It's a genuine realm of electronic sound that beckons not just for passive listening, but for sincere enjoyment.

In the closing track, "Nuclear Haste," the rhythmic echoes resonate within the mind, evoking a sense of impending inevitability. The faint crackling, reminiscent of an overloaded dosimeter, immerses us completely in the dystopian world. Building the tension to its peak, Budump transforms into an aria of a somber realm teetering on the brink of a man-made catastrophe. The introduction of piercing, resonant violins only amplifies the intensity, completely obliterating any remaining voice, hope, or inspiration that may have emerged at the start of the album. It's pure art that resembles a dystopian novel—truly awe-inspiring! Grand finale!


In this profound sonic journey, "Budump" by Jayms Joyce emerges as more than just music; it becomes a philosophical exploration of our existence, our capacity for resilience, and the fragile nature of our world. It serves as a reminder to cherish the beauty and intricacies of our lives, to question the systems that bind us, and to strive for a future where hope and compassion prevail. "Budump" invites us to pause, reflect, and transcend the boundaries of our own perception. It breaks through all metallic barriers, defies the constraints of electronic music genres, and paves the path to a dream.

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