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Beyond the Aural Veil: Why SAPHIRA 79's Latest Album 'Equilibrium' Is a Must-Listen!

In the world of electronic music, among numerous artists, one standout figure of innovation and emotional depth is Martina Pittl. Revealing her true identity as Saphira 79, this enigmatic creator hails from the heart of Berlin, a city steeped in the history of electronic music. From the earliest steps of her creative journey, she was drawn into the realm of electronic soundscapes. Saphira 79's journey into the music universe was marked by an unwavering desire to craft epic orchestral compositions and atmospheric experiments, all within the boundless realm of electronica. Her story has led to majestic heights, earning the adoration and devotion of a growing fan army. The tale of Saphira 79 begins in the pulsating heart of Berlin, where she cultivated her artistic inclinations from a young age. Each passing day deepened her attachment to electronic music. Nights spent in underground clubs and days dedicated to experimenting with various musical instruments laid the foundation for a sound that was distinctly her own. However, it was her enchantment with cosmic synthesizers that ultimately captured her heart.

As if, by feeling out her sound, in her very first tracks, the neon-synth sound blends with orchestral instruments, albeit heavily processed. In 2022, her debut album "Sun Prayer" was released, featuring a sound influenced by Eastern motifs with elements of world music, earthly and meditative tones. Saphira 79 incorporated deep ambient and vocal overlays into her releases, embellishing and expanding her sound, as seen in tracks like "Never Forsaken" from her recent EP "Never Forsaken." Now, Saphira 79 has returned with her latest album, 'Equilibrium,' featuring 16 tracks that redefine our perception of her music. It's as if everything before this release served as preparation and a search for her direction.

The album "Equilibrium" sounds like a story. This electronic album, where the sound takes on deep nuances, blends whimsical keys with orchestral violin trills and heavy drums, as in the track "Equilibrium Intro." Disconnecting from the Earth and sinking into a cosmic trance, we become witnesses to a musical birth (perhaps the birth of a world?) in the track "Born," and then what seems like a lullaby for a mystical being is heard in "The - Shine" with its breathtaking meditative keys and bells. Saphira 79 combines her electronic and dance style with soothing music. By refining and expanding her sound, the producer takes a big step forward when compared to her first album.

In the album "Equilibrium," there's a completely vibrant world filled with events, beings, and legends. Conceptually, it's a very powerful album that can help you construct your own story within your imagination. I feel myself being drawn into the events, the escape, and the journey to another space in the world in the tense, sharp, and dramatic track "Walking Next." Furthermore, the intense violins, jaw harp-like voices, fast drum rhythms, almost signal the beginning of a battle, while the ethnic chants create an entirely new world around you in the track "Enlightenment." It's as if I'm in the snow, with a blizzard all around, a sword at my back, somewhere in a world that closely resembles the mood of the Vikings.

Music filled with stories and salvation. Salvation, you ask? Indeed, by infusing her releases with narratives, pumping adrenaline through the synth notes in the track "Connected," and then embracing dreamy and hypnotic rhythms in "Imagination," Saphira 79 creates entire worlds where you can find refuge from routine and problems. To be honest, Saphira 79 can craft a new reality for you with her music. "Never Forsaken" returns you to the cosmic realm of infinite space with its perfect pads and ethereal voices. Inviting you to awaken from the hypnotic journey into space and return to Earth, the track "The Dream Of Life" sounds familiar and down-to-earth, thanks to its warmer sound, the addition of wind, rustling leaves, and water sounds. The final track, "Nightshade," leaves its mark with its slow and measured rhythm and melancholic, almost elvish vocals.


In addition to the rich and thoughtful music production, Saphira 79 accompanies each track with different cover art. If you were to compile each cover into a book, you could craft a story and adventure from the images alone. This extensive and labor-intensive conceptual work creates a genuine magic around "Equilibrium" that has the power to completely disconnect you from the mundane and transport you into a new, perhaps even fantastical world of Saphira 79.

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