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Breaking Down Pranatricks' New Song 'Worlds': Merging with Infinity!

The universe, like the web of boundless thoughts, unravels before us in the new single by Pranatricks, 'Worlds.' Released as if from the abyss of time, 'Worlds' carries a psychedelic charge capable of penetrating through the darkest corners of the soul.

Pranatricks starts with a minute of pure emotional stratosphere. Arpeggiated synthesizers, like the music of cosmic spheres, envelop the listener and carry them into the void of infinity. It's the moment when humanity becomes just a tiny particle in the ocean of starry darkness. With every chord, every note, 'Worlds' invites us to look at the world from a new perspective. It carries a message that within this chaos, one can find their own personal space of tranquility.

This music evokes meditation, self-reflection, and the search for harmony within oneself in this infinite and incomprehensible world. Pranatricks' voice, a conduit for introspection, invites the listener to navigate the turbulent currents of the present world. The lyrics weave a poetic narrative, painting a portrait of the fragile threads that connect us to the cosmic web. Pranatricks is an artist whose perception of the world is infused with music. His perception of the surrounding reality differs from the ordinary. Where others see the mundane, he discovers magic and conveys it through his music. For all those enamored with the ambiance of ambient, cosmos, and psychedelia, 'Worlds' by Pranatricks will be a true gift.

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