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Breaking the Bank for Rock: Shop Front Heroes Risk It All for 'SuperPowers'

The story of Shop Front Heroes began in Mid-Wales in early 2017, marking the start of a creative journey filled with various events that culminated in the recent release of the album 'SuperPowers,' now available on shelves. The band consists of Stevie Yoemans (vocals, guitar, piano), Jake Owen (lead guitar/vocals), Matt Whitehouse (drums), Tom Jacques (guitar/vocals), and, completing the lineup in the summer of 2022, Alex Middleton (bass). Pooling their efforts, the musicians aimed to conquer the world of rock. They chose the legendary Rockfield Studios to record their album, putting everything on the line. Immersed in their creativity, they sought to inspire every listener on the planet with their music, transmitting the full force and energy of rock. An important trait of these musicians is their dedication to true artistry and their passion for rock music. In preparation for the album release, they even borrowed money from a local business. Yes, indeed! It might seem crazy or bold to you, but it speaks volumes. These guys are dead serious about conquering this world. Shop Front Heroes are willing to do whatever it takes for their music to reach every listener and leave a mark in the hearts of all who fall in love with it.

Thanks to such a bold and well-thought-out approach, the debut full-length album 'SuperPowers' turned out to be so breathtaking and powerful. Sweet rock, the deep sound of heavy guitars, seeps into your ears from the very first track, 'Flowers For Algernon.' The influence of classic rock tracks is palpable in every note of 'Existential Dread.' It's as if the musicians have uncovered the secret ingredient of stunning, emotive ballads where the power of dark rock music lies hidden. Listening to the album feels like embarking on a musical journey through the musicians' experiences, especially starting from the track 'All Your Scars Are Mine,' where you can feel that bold surge of emotions throughout the album.

This melancholic and minor-key song will immerse you deep into the heart of your pain, thanks to its flawless vocals, soft keys, and vibrant percussion. Midway through the album, we encounter tracks like 'Don't Be Cruel (To Yourself)' and 'The Greatest Hits,' linked by a thread as if they together form a story where darkness transitions into light in 'The Greatest Hits.' It's impossible not to sing along to every moment of this track with its catchy motif and perfect development of melody hooks. However, with 'Come Find Me,' you're transported into a folk sound world with perfect harmonies, a choir, and enchanting strings that create a dreamy atmosphere.

Like I completely disconnected from the world and found myself in the most touching story on this album. Because of that, I confess, this track became my absolute favorite. It feels like the heart of the album resides here, setting the tone for the entire mood. 'All for You' brings you back to reality with its dark rock chords and Stevie Yoemans' intricate vocals. When Stevie rises an octave higher, it sends shivers down your spine with the emotion and complexity of the sound—it's an impeccable rock ballad.

The album concludes with the dark and fast-paced song 'H Pact.' The fast and relentless rock signals the start of a vibrant party where there's no room for the melancholy of the earlier tracks. 'SuperPowers' possesses an inner strength, with each participant contributing a piece of their experience. This debut album encapsulates all the musicians' experiences, ones they've explored, honed, and enhanced. The vibrant pink cover seemingly challenges the entire rock industry, as it holds a multitude of meanings and ideas within.

'SuperPowers' is versatile, offering pleasure to both rock enthusiasts and listeners who are just discovering the genre and the band. By releasing such a rich and emotive album, the musicians have given a Christmas gift to all their fans, as this release embodies everything we love about their sound. From heavy sounds to melancholic and light ballads, from restrained vocals with a pleasant rasp to complex vocal techniques and heights, all of this and even more is present in this album.


Actually, each release from the band seemed to be guiding their sound towards the album 'SuperPowers.' It embodies that very unity and understanding which distinguishes rock music, making it a leading genre in terms of emotional depth and complexity. I highly recommend giving the album 'SuperPowers' a listen—you might discover tracks that will forge a lasting connection with the band. It's an experience that will stay with you forever, and that's why it's worth exploring.

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