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"Bringing Joy To People Is My Mission Through Music" Tell-All Interview with WAITING FOR SMITH!

Waiting for Smith's latest single, "White Light Of Love," is a captivating indie-folk creation born from a transformative four-month sabbatical in South Africa. Singer-songwriter Harry Lloyd, the creative force behind Waiting for Smith, found solace and inspiration during this break from the relentless music industry grind.


"White Light of Love" became his daily mantra, guiding him through the uncertainties of self-discovery. It's more than just a song; it's a testament to the power of music in times of change and growth. With over 3.5 million Spotify streams, a strong social media following, and recognition from influential voices worldwide, Waiting for Smith's music resonates globally. Join us as we delve into the journey behind "White Light of Love" and the artist's unwavering mission to spread positivity through unforgettable melodies. Indie Boulevard managed to catch up with Harry Lloyd and delve into the story behind 'White Light of Love,' discovering the artist's steadfast commitment to spreading positivity through unforgettable melodies.

INDIE BOULEVARD: Hello Waiting For Smith, it's a pleasure to see you here, on Indie Boulevard. Can you take us on a journey through the creative process behind your latest single, "White Light Of Love"? We'd love to hear more about the specific moments or experiences in South Africa that inspired you and how they found their way into the song's lyrics and melodies.

WAITING FOR SMITH: White Light of Love was really written as a letter to myself before going away to South Africa to keep me heading in the right direction. An intention for the long time away if you will. I’d play ‘White Light Of Love’ to myself most days when I felt lost , and was worried about taking such a long break from music. It became my mantra to joy, "I’ll bath myself in the white light of love & protection. I’ll say those words to keep me safe and set my intention. Yesss I’ll ground myself today." It came to me pretty much all in about 20 minutes.

IB: Your music has this incredible ability to connect with audiences from different corners of the world. Could you describe the emotions you feel when you hear stories from fans about how your music has impacted their lives?

WFS: Thank you for that beautiful compliment firstly. In short It gives me a deep sense of purpose, If I hadn’t of done music I seriously considered becoming a therapist of sorts or monk. I love making people feel good. It’s the reason I do music to firstly connect to my heart, speak my truth and then have faith that it will help other people to feel and find more joy in their lives. That is my mission. So when someone in India sends me a message saying they wake up to song before going to long days work and it puts a smile on their face, or a woman from Italy messages to say a song helped her to feel after her mother passing or people from France saying the music has helped them through their greatest struggles; then I feel I have been of service and This is everything for me.

IB: Can you delve into the studio experience, and the chemistry between you and producer Danton Supple?

WFS: Yeh, for me it was kinda love at first sight. I feel Danton and I connected quickly. We met at his second studio space in Strong Room although we mainly started things in the West London space. Then finished things off in RAK Studios. where is now…anyway I remember sitting down being offered a coffee and then we just didn’t stop talking for like two hours. I thing I played him 4 tracks and explained to him this idea I had for a record. An album called “Raised Up” which was really all about raising others up to invite more positivity into their lives. As I had just come back from South Africa where I really had found my joy. He was very excited straight away and that enthusiasm continued through the whole album. For this project from the first day it was complete joy, so much laughter, and that meant it only attracted people who also were up for a great time. Every player we met was full of life, full of passion and wanted to do something really well. So we worked in and around the power cuts, early starts sometimes at 5:30 am – both me and the producer Danton were stretching, doing yoga , working out, eating well and really feeling at our best. At the same time we went out and drunk margaritas, went hiking, had a beer to the sunset, surfed and had beautiful long chats. So in the music you really hear and feel the energy of joy and vitality.

IB: You've announced a live headline show at Camden Assembly. What can fans expect from this upcoming performance, and do you have plans for more live shows or a tour in the near future?

WFS: Camden Assembly will be really a night of joy, playing most of the new album (including new singles Let Light In, White Light Of Love & Nature’s Mind) and the most joyous well know Waiting For Smith songs. Full band 4 part harmony, South Africa singers and incredible rhythms. I will then be heading on tour around the UK with The Wild Things, followed by a European tour with Isaac Anderson.

IB: Your mission to spread positivity through your music is commendable. Could you share some specific messages or themes that you hope your songs convey to your listeners?

WFS: A feeling that everything will be fine. That even the toughest challenges life throws at you can give you gifts far beyond your imagination. That you we all deserve to find more joy, you can do what you love and have people in your life that support your mission and lift you up.

IB: Do you have a particular song that you feel embodies this mission most?

WFS: I mean "Let Light In" is pretty spot on and all the songs on the new album “ Raised Up” embody this message in different ways.

IB: You have a quite extensive tour ahead of you, running through December. With such an impressive lineup of live dates, including support slots and your headline show at The Camden Assembly, what excites you the most about performing live for your fans? Can you give us a glimpse of what you're planning for these shows?

WFS: It’s just really the look in people’s eyes when they realise they are connecting to love, it’s like a child’s look, pure excitement - it’s so beautiful to see that reflected back to the stage. And when people sing together in a crowded room it gives you a very spiritual and ancient feeling. Like we just one day forgot about all these secrets to our existence that come through at that moment.

IB: Your upcoming European tour with Isaac Anderson is taking you to various cities across Europe. How do you prepare for touring internationally, and what are you looking forward to the most about connecting with fans from different countries during these performances?

WFS: The best preparation apart of course to know your songs is for me to just really just enjoy it. I mean this week I’m just doing a roof and that builds my strength of mind and body. But when you enjoy it , the audience feels that and responds with enjoyment. I love just really connecting to people, seeing the world and feeling it makes a difference to others.

IB: Are there any specific songs from your repertoire that you're particularly excited to perform live?

WFS: Yes Some Words - from the new album . The chorus says: “I’m beautiful, I'm safe, I'm loved and I’m actually free, I don’t need to know anyone else, I just need to be me.” A room full of people singing this sounds super epic!

IB: And the last question. If your music were a flavour of ice cream, what would it be, and which track would be the cherry on top?

WFS: haha I love this question. It would be Hazelnut and pistachio… it’s a classic right but colourful. who doesn’t like to be reminded that they are classic and also hold unique gifts. We all need that. I want people to remember who they are without all the stories they attach to themselves, like a child’s eyes - unfiltered love, joy & laughter. The cherry on top would be Small Things coming on the new album “Raised Up”. It makes you wanna just keep on driving to the end of time just so you can listen to it. The opening verse goes:

Whatever you’re right.

You’re right to feel

You know we will all eventually heal

Don’t worry about the small things

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