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Can music heal? Exploring Adrienne Leska's new EP "Mirrors" and its emotional impact

Have you ever encountered music that speaks directly to your heart and mind, calling for kindness, peace, and harmony with oneself and the world? Such music exists, and it is more likely to be a striking exception than the rule, which is why releases like Adrienne Leska's EP, titled "Mirrors," are truly unique and inimitable.


It offers an amazingly sensual and profound psychological experience. When you listen to Adrienne Leska's music, it feels as if she is delicately conversing with your soul and heart, enabling you to introspect and refine your consciousness. Each of the six tracks on the EP embodies a distinct idea and purpose, engaging in a dialogue with the world and the environment. Only by fully immersing yourself in these acoustic folk melodies can you experience liberation from anxieties and burdensome thoughts that may have weighed you down, affecting your mood.

Adrienne Leska is not only a professional musician and teacher but also a spiritual mentor who can assist you in connecting with your inner self, your inner child, thoughts, and anxieties, enabling you to find the answers you seek. The mirror serves as a symbol of eternal truth, allowing for conversation even in the depths of solitude. Adrienne Leska extends an invitation to listeners to gaze into the mirror of her music and behold their own reflections—capturing her spiritual growth, personal joys, anxieties, and even complexes. This EP, comprised entirely of countless images and symbols, functions as Adrienne's personal diary, chronicling her own experiences and everything intertwined with her life.

From the very first track, "Why," an indie ballad with vibrant rhythms and intricate harmonies, you will immediately feel the music's resonance. While, "Someone Like You" offers a slow-paced indie pop song. Looking ahead, I can assure you that each track on the EP serves as a small reflection of the singer's life and personal experiences, adorned with vibrant pop melodies and drumbeats. In "Someone Like You," the singer appears to beckon acceptance of her different selves through introspective conversations. This sentiment is beautifully conveyed in the music video, which I highly recommend watching. Moreover, in the song "Who's Who," the singer endeavors to realize the concept of personal growth through self-reflection, communication, and embracing her own actions, including mistakes.

The Inner Voice

One of the most significant and my favorite tracks from the EP is "Cognition." Leska skillfully incorporates jazz elements and gentle echo effects to establish a melancholic and serene ambiance, fostering a profound connection with one's inner self. This captivating composition resonates deeply within my soul, compelling me to bring order to my thoughts and surroundings, seeking harmony and peace. Within this track, the singer delves into the concept of conscious reality, where events unfold irrespective of the listeners' desires. Through dialogue with the inner child, one can embrace the present moment and achieve harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. It is a complex theme that Adrienne adeptly explores, effectively conveying its essence through both the music and the accompanying music video, which I highly recommend watching for a truly immersive experience.

In the final tracks, "Breathe" and "Mirrors," she undergoes a transformation, seemingly venturing into outer space to immerse themselves in introspection and facilitate personal rebirth. It's as if the singer is guiding you on shedding the layers of your "old self" and embracing a renewed and improved version of yourself. This renewed self is characterized by qualities such as peace, happiness, and love. The singer's words resonate as the inner voice within each listener, encouraging them towards virtuous actions and imbuing them with a remarkable sense of warmth, protection, and tranquility.


Adrienne Leska, a psychologist and musician, offers her expertise in resolving internal conflicts and guiding personal growth through her music. Her compositions feature vibrant harmonies that serve as internal dialogues, showcasing the interplay of various personas within oneself, often in discord with the external world. The EP encompasses numerous solos, whether on the guitar or keyboard, which create a sense of resistance and seem to beckon the listener to take action, ultimately leading to the resolution of internal conflicts. "Mirrors," encapsulates the essence of life and embodies aspirations for a closer connection with nature and harmony. It encourages self-acceptance by disentangling emotional feelings from rational thoughts. By embracing love and happiness, one can radiate these qualities into the world, bringing joy to those around them.

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