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Can You Handle the Explosive Power of CAM COLE's New Album 'UNLEASH'? Let's find out!

How prepared are you for some heavy blues rock? Or perhaps for some metal, or even folk? You know, I'm one of those music enthusiasts who adores the latest trends in the world of rock music. When it comes to albums, I listen to them all in one go to fully grasp the energy and the magic of rock music. And it's precisely this fiery magic of heavy rock sound that resonates in the album "Unleash" by Cam Cole. This is already the musician's third album, and the guitar work on it is among the most memorable I've heard recently. Crystal-clear rock sound, impeccable quality, heavy riffs recorded live, they roar in your ears and make you fully surrender to the true essence of heavy rock. "Unleash" is an album where the musician explores various styles of heavy music, blending heavy riffs with light folk vocals, creating a true revolution in the world of metal music. I suggest you arm yourself with your best speakers, let everyone know that for the next 40 minutes, they'll be listening to the best rock of their lives, and embark on this liberation journey with Cam Cole.

The album kicks off with the track "Truth Be Told," and the perfect, smooth, and sensually bluesy rock riff flows into your ears like honey. The pristine sound gives way to distorted grunge vocals, only to then completely engulf you in a storm of flames. The perfect state of detachment will immediately seize your heart and mind. If you thought the first track had the most powerful and heavy guitars, a surprise awaits you in the second track, "Vibes." The ideal, slightly overdriven energetic sound will engulf you entirely, while the light, almost folk-like vocals completely shatter the sound. This state of gentle duality perfectly underscores the uniqueness of Cam Cole's sound. The track approaches metal towards the end, and that's when the roof is blown off completely. This is what I call true drive!

After we've fully immersed ourselves in the atmosphere of powerful rock, the track "I Just Don't Seek To Please" begins. The intertwining of country rock with blues, and the slightly gritty sound of the guitar that smoothly slips into your ears, evokes a genuine sense of delight. I must admit, I'm an absolute enthusiast of juicy and powerful guitar sounds. They hypnotize me, disconnecting my consciousness, which has no intention of returning to reality, even on the next track, "Freedom." In this track, Cam delves into the deepest abysses of the rock sound. Yes, here, the guitars will be pushed to their absolute limits, right to the edge! Their groovy sound will crack and rupture in your ears with a nearly white noise. Cole's vocals, at this moment, will shed any traces of folk and transform into authentic heavy rock vocals, in the best traditions of classic rock singing. I'm in complete awe.

After the strong and robust beginning of the album, akin to the finest whiskey, right at the midpoint, the sound fractures and plunges into the gentle tones of a rock ballad. The track "Look Into The Moon" is a breath of cold air, a light respite that showcases Cam Cole as a sensitive lyricist and creator of his own world. Such a significant shift in mood and vocal style elevates the album's structure to a new level. "Look Into The Moon" is a perfect rock ballad that the entire crowd can sing along to while catching their breath. It's as if dawn breaks after a tumultuous night, and then the track "So Alive" begins.

The bluesy guitar, sinking into echoes, and acoustic folk vocals throw you off balance, completely shattering any remnants of the heavy beginning, only to immerse you with renewed force into scorching rock. The track fractures in the middle, the electric guitar bursts forth once again, and the show goes on. The respite comes to an end, and the tracks "Know What I Mean" and "Unleash" begin. In exploring the heavy sound, in the track "Know What I Mean," the guitars adopt an aggressive and weighty tone, blending with a dark and demanding rhythm. Meanwhile, in the track "Unleash," the heavy atmosphere remains, but the vocals become utterly unrestrained, much like the impeccable guitar solos. A true gift for all those who love quality and genuine metal and hardcore sound.

The album is nearing its conclusion, and in "Slave To The Breaks," there emerges a dragging, warming, and volcano-ready eruption of guitar sound. It's a perfect track that takes the unique sound of "Unleash" to its zenith. I must admit that this is my favorite track on the album due to its oppressive atmosphere, smoothly transitioning into a playful and positive vibe. The album concludes with the track "Home." Like end credits after a movie, this track resonates in tender rock acoustic tones, filling the mind with pure notes and echoes, and after a gentle relaxation, immerses you into the realm of psychedelic hardcore rock. After all the previous tracks, each incredibly astonishing, this 7-minute track is perceived as both a culmination and a resolution. As if saving the strongest, most powerful, and astounding part for the end, Cam Cole has created a true masterpiece of rock music. The energy is simply incredible!


"Unleash" is a remarkably heavy album that sounds as a tightly wound emotional journey. It strikes a balance between aggression and complexity, with Cam Cole's vocals oscillating between angelic tenderness and devilish ferocity. The guitar riffs are nothing short of captivating. To encapsulate "Unleash," Cam Cole's album emerges as a remarkable creation brimming with potency, emotions, tenacity, and exquisitely crafted melodies. If you have an affinity for contemporary rock music, "Unleash" has already arrived, breaking free. Allow Cam Cole to lead the way. Undoubtedly, this is an album best experienced at a high volume.

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