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CAUSE & EFFECT by Balthvs

From this moment I 'm a huge fan of the mezmerizing dream-pop sounds that come from guitarist Balthazar Aguirre, bassist Johanna Mercuriana and drummer Santiago Lizcano of BALTHVS. There is something extremely fresh about the way the trio transforms an age-old sound into something outstanding and, at times, profoundly beautiful. Together they create a flow of sweet honey that melts in the head. The brand new album 'Cause & Effect' is joyful and bright with a shade of psychedelic essence. Makes for a twisting hazy dreamy fog with driving guitars, reminiscent of beach fossil. There's a passion and purity in the mood of 'Cause & Effect' that takes you far away from the temptation of sombreness.

BALTHVS present a cinematic meandering of the soul. It's almost instrumental music that has more heart than music with lyrics. But of course, it's up to you to bring emotion into the music. The second album of BALTHVS is the perfect example of this phenomenon. The sound of the album consists of the dreamiest guitars and sweet bass lines, sometimes backed by Balthazar and Johanna's soft voice. It's a very gentle, introspective record that at the same time contains a retro motif.

Everyone loves channeling the 80s and 90s in nowadays but 'Cause & Effect' has some of that warm nostalgia that really brings the listener to total relaxation. The guitar work of Balthazar Aguirre, the sensual bass of Johanna Mercuriana and the perfect rhythm of Santiago Lizcano are simply fantastic. This trio is fearless when it comes to pushing the genre into a sexy place.

The album begins with the intro 'Cause & Effect', which quickly introduces the loud sound of Megapolis. 'In Lust' takes the Balthazar's funky electric guitar perfectionism to the highest level. It's impossible to not be completely captivated by BALTHVS when you start it. There's something ethereal about it that really captures you: '80s nostalgia meets a modern honesty and outlook on life, with the trio's harmony acting like glue between them. 'In Lust' caught me a little by surprise (in the best way). This funky track is driven by a simple beat, delicate chord strokes and Johanna's sweet, smooth bass.

'Vapor Waves', the upbeat track straight from the shores of the Miami, otherworldly beach is the highlight of the album, by far. An upbeat chord progression, multiple layers of guitar strums and lovely vocals create a delicate wall of sound.

'Turkish Coffee' is absolutely chilling and my favorite track on the album. The aesthetic of this song is very unique: it's intimate and sensual and at the same time BALTHVS are not afraid to explore the beauty of another culture. Everything fits together wonderfully and that is definitely the trio's strength.

'Sunflower Jam' wholly embraces the 80s neon aesthetic, with beautiful vocals from Balthazar and Johanna, but still with plenty of drive. The 'Light Up' and 'Tideflow' are masters at creating cinematic atmospheres. 'Canoas' rather does not use complex movements to create something deceptively simple, but is a minimalist and simple song, with slightly more sensual vocals from Johanna. The album ends with 'Eclipse Solar' - a seven-minute instrumental orgasm.

There's not much more to say about it. If you're a lover of funk, dream pop and any form of retro music, BALTHVS will make you happy. 'Cause & Effect' is the pure heroin. Must have.

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