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CORONATION by Couch Riots⠀

In the world of metal music, each band is strangely special. Genre features do not guarantee formulaic melodies or riffs. And each composition, album, EP, live album is one balanced experiment. This experiment can go on for years. The test subjects will try to achieve the desired result, which will not be the discovery of a new chemical element, but the new sound itself.

Couch Riots are definitely a special band. They are prolifics, ambitious and visionaries. These are a few adjectives that come to mind describing the work of Couch Riots, now out there with their debut studio album "Coronation". There are two men behind the project, who found each other many years ago and have been making music together. They formed Couch Riots and now effortlessly striving to shake off all labels and consolidate his genre-defying approach.

My Pretty Darkness

Rise Up

"Coronation" is the furious and ambiguous record, is an album with almost no downsides. The guitar sound, as if passed through a meat grinder, and poorly distinguishable vocals go through the entire record. Couch Riots maneuver between two plexuses - hard rock and heavy metal, but also combine acoustic elements in such tracks as "It's Getting Closer" "Rise Up!" and "My Pretty Darkness". The album is a swirl of rough riffs and breathy vocals.

"Coronation" does not aim to be as catchy as possible or to please as many listeners as possible," Couch Riots says of the album, speaking via Skype from their studio. "Rather, it should be about putting your finger in the many open wounds in our society. The texts are intended to stimulate listening and reflection, and the music is also allowed to have rough edges."

"Shotgun" extremely fast and rough track

The atmosphere on the album is dark and mystical with a slightly psychedelic aftertaste. There’s a distinct departure towards classic sound; as the predominantly distortion backdrop blends in with the familiar sound of drums, and guitars with a dry, punchy and hard rock flare.

"When you're working on a new album," Couch Riots says. "When you're practically bringing it to life, the most important questions are perhaps of a very fundamental nature: How can or should the whole thing sound? What should the sound stand for, which style is right for us?"

At first listen, it's obvious that the band has spent a lot of time in the studio to create their own sound. Also, the overall sound is much more stripped down and raw than many of the studio recordings. "It is actually said that this task is best performed by an experienced master engineer who approaches the tracks with an open mind and fresh ears. But our budget was so small - almost non-existent - that this was out of the question. So we did it ourselves. Maybe not perfect, but 100% the way we imagined it…"

Drums Of War

Children Of The Sun

The record turned out to be very solid and harmonious. All 8 tracks make a strong enough impression as one big work, and not as a collection of randomly selected songs. The album contains almost everything that interests a thinking person today - work on oneself, loneliness, political protest, the desire for freedom, awareness of the unity of all people and the frailty of being. All this is accompanied by relatively heavy music, which at times becomes quiet and magical, emphasizing the philosophical and poetic texts. Separately, it is worth noting the album artwork, which combines ancient mythology and a dark fantasy world.

"Drums Of War" the longest and final track on the album

"Coronation", the album that can be called mature, very strong debut. It deepens and develops the mood of the heavy rock classic's and at the same time is completely new and in many respects unlike everything else that had done before. Connect with Couch Riots via Instagram, Facebook

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