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"Cracking Up" is a masterpiece of punk rock music that will blow your mind!"

What I admire about indie artists is their unparalleled freedom to express themselves authentically and honestly. They have the ability to push creative boundaries, experiment with new sounds, and produce amazing music. In my humble observation, the rock music scene is where some of the most exciting metamorphoses in sound occur. A prime example of this fearless approach to music-making is the band Fractured, comprising four talented musicians from Brington. Their music is a bold and outspoken rip-off punk rock that will leave your head spinning. Their new album is undoubtedly one of the most significant achievements in the independent punk rock music industry, a testament to their courage, recklessness, and exceptional talent.

The essence of Fractured's classic punk band can be found in their album "Cracking Up." I must confess that I was blown away by this incredible album, as I lost track of time and completely surrendered to the pure, direct, head-banging punk rock sound, just like being at a live concert. "Cracking Up" is perhaps the perfect album in the style of the wild and reckless 80s. It's about rock, punk, politics, litres of beer, risk, audacity, hopelessness, youth, freedom, and people who are often dismissed as having no future. But do these people even need a future?

The album opens with "The Enemy (Of the Friends of Blakers Park)," where the perfect rhythm guitar will consume your mind from the very first seconds. Then, the drums will sweep through your thoughts like a whirlwind, and the vocalist's voice will make you think of nothing but punk. It's like being at a concert, with the sound blasting in your ears, and everything else fading into darkness. I would recommend that you dim the lights around you before listening to the album to enhance the experience! As if the dirty punk sound wasn't enough to shock you, the musicians continue to pull you into their world with the track "Japanese Knotweed #4." It's a short, enigmatic song that appeals to a wide range of listeners. The band seem to be saying, "You are trapped in our sound!"

The ballads of freedom and nonchalance are perfectly captured in the tracks "Many Things" and "No Offence." The guitars burst with sound, heavy and thick. I adore the screaming and demanding vocals, which leave my brain feeling drained. Fractured's clear, well-coordinated sound is a significant feature of their music, where every instrument is an integral part of the punk machine known as "Cracking Up." Once you're familiar with the sound, the musicians surprise you with the tracks "All My Conifers Are Dead" and "Breaking Down." These tracks are shrouded in a dark atmosphere of anxiety and tension. The guitars twinkle in your ears, the drums beat like a heartbeat, and Jeff Hayward's emotional vocals make these tracks the best songs on the album for me.

After an explosive start, the middle section of the album switches up the tempo and treats listeners to the classic rock ballad "Massive Missive". It feels like you're witnessing a real rock opera and experiencing the full power of the rock sound. "Vintage" and "Weird Man" bring a wave of retro rock sound that shows the band exploring genres bordering on punk, and they excel at it! Personally, I adore the punk tracks "Tiny and Toxic" and "She Believes". These are some of the lighter songs on the album, and they truly capture the essence of punk rock.

The track "Broken Heart" pulls you in with its rapid pace and guitar riffs that seem to spin in a crazy dance, while the vocal line never lets up. The album ends with a thrilling sense of tension and excitement on the track "App". It's the gem of the album! The final track "I Could Have Been" continues the excitement of the previous track, "App". The musicians change the key, and the vocal line compels me to move to the beat. It's such a shame that the album is coming to an end, because I'm completely hooked on Fractured's music; it's like madness running through my veins.


The album "Cracking Up" is a masterpiece of punk rock music that will blow your mind! It's a collection of unique tracks that showcase the band's unparalleled talent and passion for punk. The energy of this album is simply contagious. The musicians behind Fractured have managed to capture the true essence of punk and infuse it into every single note. It's the kind of music that can make even the most apathetic listener feel alive and kicking. For anyone who hasn't yet been initiated into the world of punk, this album is the perfect starting point. It's a classic sound that has been given new life, and it's a true testament to the genre's enduring power. And for those who already love rock music, "Cracking Up" is a must-have addition to your collection. The album is a high-quality, high-energy masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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