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How about dancing through the slow apocalypse? Australian musician Meadow Argus has released a resounding personification of our world. The 7-track EP called 'Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse' is one of the best reflections on the world order and the feelings of the world population. 'Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse' is a gentle rethinking and a search for new meanings through quality sound and erasing the boundaries of genres.

The EP begins with the instrumental track 'Is That You' with radio elements. The musician seems to be courting understanding with each listener who begins to hear 'Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse.' Meadow Argus creates a harmony of sounds with a fine professional ear, balancing the mix with a dense bass line, but also weaving a strong connection between the listener and his music.

Meadow Argus uses every second of the tracks, revealing its dark and arthouse sound. The second track 'No Company' is unique as a work of art. The track is based on a bass beat, complex strings and deep percussion, while haunting vocals penetrate the consciousness.

'Sweetgrass' calms the troubled mind with soft acoustic vocals. The musician swings the mood from psychedelic electronic to acoustic and folk. However, the Meadow Argus always maintains a unique electro sound. The change of mood in the album is true to its fickle world.

'Tiny Flames' is a hypnotic track with a complex rhythm. Meadow Argus turns out to be a multi-faceted musician who is not satisfied with a single genre. Perhaps it is this structure that most resembles the emotional state in difficult times for everyone.

Slight instability in genres is stabilized by the right arrangement of tracks on EP. You will not feel overtired or stressed. After strong emotional tracks comes a respite in the form of light acoustic rock. For example, 'House Husband' not only distracts you from the tension-filled beginning, but also prepares you for the final part of the EP. 'House Husband' will satisfy the ambitions of any rock music lover. Gentle guitar solo and rock vocals with punk elements convey the mood of struggle and resistance against circumstances.

Closing tracks 'Sleep' and 'Dance With Me' cover country music and indie pop with elements of alternative rock. It takes courage and boundless talent to create a diverse EP of different musical styles. The release 'Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse' is not inferior in complexity to a full-length album. A universal piece that everyone should listen to.

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