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"Danger is my Business": whiskey, sex, and pure rock & roll from AR BAND

I have always been amazed by bands and music that disregard trends. These musicians truly understand the essence of style and rhythm, and they consistently strive to deliver their best. In addition to their devotion to the art, their music aspires to become a timeless classic within their genre, leaving an indelible mark on the history of music. AR BAND belongs to this category of musicians, and their new album "Danger is my Business" exemplifies their unique fusion of jazz, blues, grunge rock, retro synth music, and art house elements.

When it comes to AR BAND, their music and vocals can be summed up in three simple yet powerful words: whiskey, sex, and rock and roll. I mean, seriously, if you want to experience the essence of their sound, just dive into their latest album, "Danger is my Business," starting with the opening track, "Sky." From the moment the first note hits your ears, you'll feel like you're being seduced by Ashle's sultry whisper. The vocals effortlessly glide over the music, leaving a trail of goosebumps on your skin. It's the kind of sensation that makes you weak in the knees and gives you an irresistible urge to surrender yourself to the music.

In "Devils Blues," there's an unexpected shift from blues to a folk-country motif, all the while keeping the vocals within the realm of sexy jazz. It's like AR BAND has birthed and solidified a whole new genre with this track. It's a contemporary blend of country and blues, a fresh take on the traditional sound. But it doesn't stop there. "Danger Is My Business" takes things even further, firmly establishing AR BAND as true innovators. With the infusion of country rock guitars and Ashley's alluring and sophisticated husky voice, they create a captivating fusion of styles that will transport you to another realm. It's a track that mesmerizes and enchants. Fans of jazz and blues will undoubtedly find this track to be a perfect fit for their taste. The intricate melodies and soulful delivery will resonate deeply with their musical sensibilities. On the other hand, those who appreciate the art of improvisational rock will be blown away by the kick-ass Kent's solo that brings the track to an electrifying climax.

Once you immerse yourself in the captivating sound of AR BAND, you will inevitably become an avid fan of their track "Telepart"! The inclusion of the Max Brody's saxophone by the musicians adds an incredibly smooth and exhilarating element to the music. AR BAND grants you a momentary respite and empowers you to gather your strength for the subsequent track, "Cover over Me". This vibrant and infectious ballad, adorned with flawless hooks, has become my personal favorite on the album. I am truly mesmerized by the rhythmic interplay of Gator's drumming, the melodic guitar riffs, the mellow vocals, and all of this accompanied by Matson Ovstedal's perfectly accurate bass guitar. It's as if I have been transported to an autumn forest, surrounded by golden leaves and an air of tranquility. The atmosphere is simply perfect!

The midpoint of the album has passed, and the music of AR BAND begins to slow down, as if the band is relishing and elongating each note, reluctant to acknowledge the approaching end of the album. I don't want the music to conclude—I am utterly enamored with its flawless sound. Allow me to highlight the track "Pizza." With a duration of 9:54, it truly stands as a colossal masterpiece on the album. Ashley's vocals in this track are enigmatic, with her voice fluctuating and descending, intertwining with jazz motifs that stir the soul. The music builds and breaks, while the musicians deliver memorable solos that leave the listener astounded by their artistry.

Picture yourself in a dimly lit jazz café, enveloped in the captivating live music of AR BAND. You'll sense that the musicians are performing solely for you, and for no one else. The music's sensual and tender lyricism draws you in, and every listener can discern that AR BAND crafts their music with heart and passion. As the album nears its end, the group takes a bold turn. "Scratch" is a forceful eruption of sound and guitars, exuding strength, power, and sonic revolution! The heavy groove of rock guitars will permeate your surroundings, saturating the air with intense vibes that send shivers down your spine. Trust me, I still get goosebumps from the final track, "Aria." Its like hurtling down the highway at breakneck speed, wind in your face, hair trailing behind, and this track serving as the perfect accompaniment to your exhilarating journey! The track's rhythm and the gritty vocals compel you to race along the Fury Road!


"Danger is my Business" it's an absolute gem, a collection of top-notch rock-jazz music that doesn't hold back. The musicians behind it embrace experimentation and pour their hearts and souls into every track. Trust me, this album is not just for casual listeners seeking enjoyment; it's a must-listen for fans of vibrant and unconventional bands. It's simply perfect, no exaggeration. So go ahead and give it a spin, you won't be disappointed!

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