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Dawn of Darkness: Vespertine's Debut Album "Desolate Soil" Strikes on March 1, 2024!

Let's raise darkness, ignite the fire – March 1, 2024, will become the day when the digital expanses will be pierced by the powerful roar of the long-awaited debut album, "Desolate Soil." This ominous creation has emerged from the depths of Vespertine's mind, embodying the symphonic essence of metallic grandeur in all its magnificence.


"Desolate Soil" is a march through forbidden lands, filled with the stench of destruction and the gleam of hope. Immersing yourself in this world, you will encounter a storm of emotions where harmonies intertwine with chaos, and melodies are born from dust and ashes.

photo by @hevespertineproject

This is folk-symphonic metal duo that takes your mind to the deepest depths of hell and lifts it to the heights of heaven. The voices of Dawn Kadmiel and Ran Hameiri are like echoes of divine beings, standing against the infinite darkness. They embody the struggle for survival in a world shrouded in ominous darkness. Vespertine's sound encapsulates the conflict of two opposites, creating a symphony where infernal rhythms and gentle melodies blend together.

This release has already sparked a flurry of interest from the press and metal fans worldwide. Who are Vespertine, and how did they manage to capture the audience's attention with their symphonic sound? Well, let's delve into the world of darkness and light they have created and discover their mysterious origins. Vespertine met in college and shared a passion for symphonic metal music. The meeting of these two souls in the fire of shared passion resulted in the creation of something magnificent – a debut album ready to burst into the hearts and souls of listeners, eagerly anticipating new musical experiences.

photo by @hevespertineproject

I had the privilege of experiencing the power of this creation even before its official release, and words hardly convey the emotional wave that engulfs you when Vespertine's sounds begin to resonate. Every note, every chord is imbued with conceptual depth. Vespertine is only beginning their journey, but what a start it is! Their music is poised to explode onto the charts and captivate the world with its unique energy. With the scent of forests and the sounds of ancient times, our immersion into the world of "Desolate Soil" begins with the gentle folk track "Genesis." It's a beginning that carries us through the ages, arousing curiosity and igniting the thirst for discoveries in the depths of this album. But this is only the beginning, as a real battle for life unfolds further.

"To All the Wilds" is a symphony where light folk intertwines with powerful, heavy guitar chords, creating images woven from starlight and the dark shadows of forests. However, the peaks of unexplored worlds lie ahead, in the track "Omens (the Trial of Doom)." Here, the organ and tension merge with stunning extreme vocals, plunging us into the abyss of sound where the struggle for survival becomes an art. To feel calmer, so to speak, to slow down, you can expect a light folk rock ballad "Skeleton of a Tree" with perfect vocals, drowning in choirs, harmonies, and orchestra. I was absolutely amazed by the track "Twilight State (the Vespertine)", dark, melancholic, sensual, and created with true feeling and love for symphonic metal music. The bright finale with the track "Journeys Upon Great Gaia", concentrating all the power and passion, leaves an indelible impression.

Black metal guitar riffs intertwine with dissonances and aggressive rhythms, creating an atmosphere of rebellion and despair. The stunning violin will lead you throughout the album from darkness to light, powerful guitars will create perfect sound movement in the album, and airy and voluminous orchestral arrangements inspired by folk will create images of survival and the search for meaning in apocalyptic chaos.


The debut album "Desolate Soil" represents a unique work in which various musical influences come together in a heavy symphony, telling the epic story of an oppressed world. The singles supporting the album release are just a small part of what awaits you. The first step in this journey is scheduled for February 2, and it promises to be great. Subscribe to Vespertine, follow their updates – because these guys are set to shake the world with their sound, create a sensation, and leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts and souls of their listeners. Are you ready to accept the challenge and stand by their side in this great battle for musical greatness?

'Desolate Soil' by Vespertine

will be out on March 1

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