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Decoding the Brilliance of 'Kissing Judas' by deafMONKEY and Its Transformative Impact on Rock Music


Have you ever experienced a musical delight that encompasses the sensuality and profound auditory richness of music? When each instrument emits an alluring and captivating energy, vibrant and unmatched, that upon merging, they establish the benchmark for the alternative classic rock sound? I must admit, I encountered a similar sensation while immersing myself in the latest album by deafMONKEY, titled "Kissing Judas." deafMONKEY has managed to pluck the deepest heartstrings, so much so that right from the opening minute of the first track, it becomes evident that we are in the presence of an authentic masterpiece. "Kissing Judas" stands as an album that shatters conventions, daring to challenge the icons of rock music and propelling emerging sounds to the forefront. The truth is, it's exceedingly arduous to rival the fervent, profound, brilliant, and crystalline rock harmonies that this album delivers. It is my belief that this album paves a genuine path to stardom for the band, attracting a multitude of ardent music enthusiasts to their fold. I can imagine your impatience, eager to delve into this album, isn't that so? Well then, without further ado, let's embark on this rock odyssey through the realm of "Kissing Judas," an odyssey that will indelibly reshape your musical perspective and experiences. Onward!


The album commences with the instrumental track "Foot Sugar," immediately enveloping the listener in a soft yet profoundly rich rock soundscape. The gradual unfolding of the track, accompanied by impeccable rhythmic execution and an intricate pulse, fills me with a sense of exhilaration. My fondness for the sound of deafMONKEY is already burgeoning, and I'm ready for a powerful and passionate musical journey ahead.

The track "Tell Us Tony" brings forth overdriven guitars and a resonant, vivid rhythm. This captivating alternative rock ballad offers a flawless auditory experience that instantaneously liberates the mind from its constraints, allowing it to bask in the moment. The subtle grunge-infused rawness of the vocal delivery during the verses and the inclusion of psycho-synth keyboards contribute to an exceptional and distinctive musical fusion. As genres meld, an extraordinary and unparalleled rock sound emerges.

With "Empires," the musicians sustain their spirited yet forceful sonic signature, blending in robust punk rhythms and an incomparable guitar solo. A particular source of delight stems from the nimble play of Dermot Quinn's vocals, shifting seamlessly between commanding potency and a buoyant pop-rock demeanor. This vocal dexterity is particularly noticeable in "Empires." The vocals navigate with remarkable fluidity amidst the weighty alternative soundscape and the psychedelic harmonies. As a result, the track "Empires" easily ranks among my personal favorites.


When we're halfway through our journey, "Here We Are" kicks in with a retro sound, rocking guitars, and a bright, deep bass. Slow development and a catchy guitar line create the perfect punk rock sound that erupts into a fiery show. It is this very track that erases any traces of the earlier lyrical and airy sentiments that graced the beginning of the album. The momentum of the flawless rapid rock tempo persists in "I Think She Likes Us." The sound reminiscent of 90s and early 2000s rock envelops me and puts me in the perfect mood. Unique rhythmic patterns and pumping instrumentation create a perfect rock sound that reaches its climax in the track "Kissing Judas."

"Kissing Judas" is blazing classic rock, punctuated by robust electric guitars, vibrant drumming, and commanding lead vocals accompanied by supportive harmonies. It is impossible to resist the voluminous and powerful sound of this track. And that makes "Kissing Judas" my favorite rock track on the album.

Our expedition into the realm of rock reaches its culmination with the finale, "Stars." As one of the lengthier compositions, this track unveils the musicians as pioneers and trailblazers in the familiar sea of rock sonority. In this track, you'll feel how a tender ballad flows through the veins, the tension and melancholy of which are emphasized by booming bass, heavy guitars, and a steady drum rhythm. This is the perfect innovative sound that delivers unreal pleasure to my ears and heart, which fervently felt and was inspired by the music of deafMONKEY.


To sum up, "Kissing Judas" is a touching piece of work that's somewhat uncommon in the realm of rock bands. It successfully blends robust riffs and memorable choruses, which, with the right promotional push, could easily transform into bona fide hits. The album strikes a balanced chord between experimentation and classic rock elements, managing to be both deep and accessible. In essence, "Kissing Judas" stands as a testament to the enduring artistic expression that bands like deafMONKEY bring forth. Furthermore, the album's general vibe, its rock atmosphere, and the emotional depth are greatly enhanced by the distinctive creative harmony among the band members. This special connection is palpable in each musical note, contributing substantially to the album's overall impact and allure. Superb.

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