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Discover the soundtrack of your Week: songs that define the latest music trends!

Greetings, my dear friends! It is once again time for our Boulevard's Weekly Spotlight, where we bring you a handpicked selection of the finest tracks from the past week that are absolutely worth immersing yourself in.

Sine "Mirror"

If you seek solace within the enchanting realm of ambient music, where the essence of minimalism intertwines with melodies that have the power to transport you into a state of serene tranquility and aid in meditation, I implore you to indulge in the mesmerizing sounds of "Mirror" by Sine.

Echo Me "Play Pretend"

Let us not forget "Play Pretend" by Echo Me an atmospheric and emotionally powerful ode to friendship, reminiscent of the best traditions of renowned artist Ed Sheeran. Its heartfelt lyrics and haunting melodies resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impression on the soul.

morph "second act"

Furthermore, I must share my personal favorite, the latest single from morph's "second act," which has truly stolen my heart. From the impeccable guitar work to the flawless mixing, every element in this composition is executed to perfection. It is a musical piece that deserves your undivided attention.

Hunter Daily (feat. Tyson)

"Age Of Depression"

Returning to the stage with a poignant offering, Hunter Daily presents "Age Of Depression" featuring the talented Tyson. This profound composition was born amidst the chaos of a pandemic, written by Hunter and her sister during a cold, rainy day when the world seemed to have reached its breaking point. It explores the depths of post-traumatic experiences, weaving a dreamy and complex story of emotions.

Lucas Fournier "Echoes"

For those seeking non-conventional, intricate, and captivating melodies, I highly recommend "Echoes" by Lucas Fournier. This mesmerizing piece will transport you to a world where music transcends boundaries, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity within your heart.

Earl Bowman "Drink for Yesterday"

And finally, our spotlight draws to a close with the light and sun-kissed notes of "Drink for Yesterday" by Earl Bowman. The sheer beauty of the vocals paired with the enchanting melody makes it an exquisite choice to conclude our musical journey.


We eagerly anticipate our next encounter, where we will once again immerse ourselves in a captivating session brimming with incredible music, hidden indie gems, and an abundance of raw emotions that will stir the depths of your soul. Until our paths intertwine once more, we encourage you to stay indie, keep your spirits elevated, and let the power of music continue to illuminate your journey.

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