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Electric Revolution of the 80s: How Strange Tales Created an Album That Conquered The World!

Back in the bustling era of the 80s, Johan Larsson, Tobbe Lander, and Jonas Berg were captivated by the emerging electro music revolution. Synthesizer sounds permeated the air like lively electronic pulsations, embodying the essence of the technological era. The world was transforming into a cybernetic landscape where every chord, every note was like codes unlocking new dimensions of reality. It was during that time that the groundwork was laid for the pop-electro group Strange Tales, setting the stage for an innovative journey through the synthetic world! Over the years, Strange Tales' passion for music only intensified. The guys studied instruments, mastered software for sound creation, delved into the technical aspects of audio recording. Inspired by vibrant beats, bold decisions, and the neon lights of clubs, Johan, Tobbe, and Jonas continued to release music, experiencing an irresistible passion waiting to burst out with neon pulsating beats. When they gained the opportunity to record at the legendary Cloudchamber Studios with Charles Storm, Strange Tales knew their moment had arrived. It was in the fervor of passion, unquenchable energy, and determination that the album "Untold" was released.

The passion and energy of each track seem to paint the modern pop dance industry in tones reminiscent of smoky clubs with compelling stories unfolding under spotlights and unforgettable rhythms. "Untold" features 12 tracks brimming with pure synthetic energy, akin to an igniter that won't leave any dance floor indifferent worldwide. It kicks off powerfully with "Call Out," a musical journey into a dimension where sounds interweave with vibrant textures, transporting listeners away from the hustle of modernity into a carefree world of light and joy.

"Michelle" blends styles, using electronic pads to create a cyber-neon atmosphere of the future, happening right here and now, with the added touch of Toril Lindqvist's vocals, giving the track its distinctive flair. Meanwhile, in "Fading Out," style, glamour, and the unrestrained energy of the club scene are thrown into a retro whirlwind, where the neon haze of past clubs returns to the present with renewed vigor. Strange Tales consistently forge a path toward unique soundscapes. Their tracks "Golden Days" and "Love Me Again" are wrapped in electro-dance mixes, striving for cinematography and vibrant pop culminations. They manage to reach this level, leaving their mark on the music world. This trio achieves the impossible! The album might be relatively new, yet it resonates as if it's already become iconic.

Within the synth world, a spectrum of emotions—melancholy, joy, serenity, and ecstasy—resonates, much like in the track "Forgive Me." It beckons one to close their eyes and follow the sound, diving into the textured sonic landscape and drowning in Larsson's impeccable vocals, an experience that feels essential. It's as if Strange Tales embedded a hidden message in their music, something that echoes between the notes, enticing with its crystalline style and neon inevitability. The album concludes with "NASA - Extended," where the musicians intertwine their passion with the iconic essence of infinity, space, and success. The final track elevates the album to a cult status, offering a journey into the boundless realm of music. Powerful, intense, passionate, wholly danceable, and cinematic. Additionally, the remixes "Call Out - Sputnik Axe mix" and "Fading Out - Sputnik Void mix" are noteworthy, immediately prompting a reinterpretation and further immersion into the world of synthetic harmonies.

The cover of this album is a true embodiment of vintage aesthetics, as if looking into the past through the prism of a retro turntable. It translates all the harmony of sounds, reflecting the softness and sharpness of the electro-pads, as if promising that bygone times are coming alive again. "Untold" is an album that carries an incredible legacy from Strange Tales. It ignites a spark in the soul and heart, kindles a fire, and the feet naturally find the perfect rhythm, as if magnetically drawn by the sounds.

Strange Tales have journeyed a long way to reach this album, encountering numerous difficulties and trials along the path. They relentlessly aimed for perfection in their sound, and every stage of creating this piece was filled with incredible enthusiasm and a spirit of exploration.


Finally, their efforts have been rewarded - this album became the result not only of their creative growth but also of a truly dedicated aspiration to create something great and unique. I can recommend Strange Tales' music to anyone seeking a vibrant surge of sound energy, bold textures, and a stunning rhythm laced with the sparkle of nostalgia.

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