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Embracing the Heartbeat of Americana: Exploring REMEDY MOTEL'S New Album 'We Are All Around Us'

I often come across the fact that music created within the circle of friends is filled with inner light, warmth, and love – to be more precise, it's inevitable. Especially, this music becomes close to my heart when it resonates with the rhythms of Americana. And today, I want to tell you about the band Remedy Motel, which has released their fifth album "We Are All Around Us." Remedy Motel was founded by lifelong friends Mica Johnson, Mike DiGregorio, and Nate Semerad. Their element is Americana, and their medium is music. When these guys come together, the whole world pauses in anticipation of timeless hits. The collaborative creativity of these musicians has so deeply intertwined roots in their souls and hearts that they coined the term "Porch Rock" to describe their inspiring and luminous music. The fifth album, "We Are All Around Us," comprises a collection of 11 tracks that represent the pinnacle of the group's artistry. I invite you to embark on a journey through the world of Americana songs, immerse yourself in intriguing stories, profound lyrics, and savor the flawless vocal performance and instrumental sound.

So, our journey begins with the first track, "We Are All Around Us," and immediately I feel the warmth and tenderness of this song. As if diving into the story, one wants to get lost and forever stay in this gentle atmosphere. Mica Johnson's vocals are supported by the superb harmony of voices, giving the track a grandiose sound. Immersed in the atmosphere of classic Americana, the track "It's Your Time" starts. A perfect ballad that you want to savor and feel every moment of. There's a dreamy piano, vibrant guitar rhythm, and splendid vocals that merge together to create the true sound of authentic Americana. I appreciate the slightly heavy rock guitar that adds a touch of depth to the light sound, infusing it with uniqueness and sparks. On the road of the endless highway, heading home, the wind tousles your hair, and there's no way back – that's how easily and liberatingly the track "Always Mean It" sounds. Goosebumps run down your skin from the depth and tenderness of the sound. It's as if this track directs your thoughts and heart to a place where warmth always prevails and love reigns. Absolutely incredible.

The musicians feel each other, and this mutual understanding is translated into their music. Just listen closely to the melancholy and slow pace of the track "Rearrange." The gentle guitar rhythm, the duet with the incomparable Liela Avila, the perfect narrative – it immediately shatters all hardships and sorrows against the shores of a dreamy Americana. A perfect ballad that instills faith in the world and fills the heart with caring warmth. To keep melancholy at bay, the track "Harder and Harder" bursts in with a bright and positive rhythm. The flawless vocal hooks make this track my favorite. Amazingly, after such a light track, "Harder and Harder" sounds fast, inspiring, and incredibly joyful.

Right in the middle of the album, we are greeted by the unparalleled tracks "Somehow" and "Beating Right." In "Somehow," the breathtaking a cappella harmonies shine. Multiple voices, blending together, create a true magic of sound. Meanwhile, in "Beating Right," the sensation of a live recording and the perfect sound make this track a classic exemplar of the genre. I adore the guitar sounds in the track "Take Me to Heaven." The lyrical and tender solo, the gentle riffs, and the vocals with a touch of huskiness make it easy to fully immerse oneself in the song's lyrics.

In the track "Don't Be Afraid," the musicians have outdone themselves and their sound to create a true masterpiece in the Americana genre. This track is one of the strongest on the album. I appreciate how in the following song, "With You," the musicians add a romantic and light echo, diversifying the familiar sound of the group. An incredibly gentle romantic ballad that tugs at the heartstrings. Even the subsequent rhythmic build-up and the amazing drum play only add to the track's uniqueness and lyrical quality. Simply stunning!

The album concludes with the track, "You Were Right." The subtle analog hiss, the shimmering guitar from ear to ear, the swaying rhythm, and the superb vocal performance make this final track a powerful one, perfect for concluding a grand concert. This emotional track leaves a sweet aftertaste after listening to the album.


For those who deeply appreciate traditional country and Americana music, I wholeheartedly offer my highest recommendation. Remedy Motel has successfully breathed new life into the classic Americana genre, infusing them with vibrant colors that resonate in the heart. Immersing oneself in their melodies is an unequivocal delight. Their work vividly showcases the art of songwriting, meticulously crafted and beautifully structured. Boldly proclaiming, the album "We Are All Around Us" skillfully captures the very essence it aims to convey. It echoes timelessness, emanates effortlessness, radiates gentleness, and pulsates with the vitality of life itself. This is truly a pinnacle of Americana music, a manifestation of the genre's finest qualities that we could ever envision.

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