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EP "Real": brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the neon night with Saint Rock

Have you ever dreamt of moving to a world where music is always playing and fun and carelessness rule? If you're still figuring out how to embark on a real interdimensional journey, there's a way to experience it from the comfort of your home. Let me take you on a journey to discover the mesmerizing world of Saint Rock and their phenomenal pop EP, "Real." Hailing from the vibrant cities of London and Paris, this talented duo has just unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, a fresh and captivating EP that flawlessly blends top-notch pop arrangements with irresistible and commercially appealing vocals. Adam and Fabian (the musicians behind Saint Rock) venture into uncharted territories within the realm of established pop music, incorporating the very best elements of the music scene to craft a sound that is truly unique, with endless variations. Their music exudes a sense of lightness and carefreeness, making it the perfect combination for the upcoming summer season, whether you're at the beach or dancing to the rhythm. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the neon night with Saint Rock, because their EP "Real" is bound to send shivers down your spine.

Prepare to be swept away by the pulsating rhythm, thunderous drums, and synth-pop ambiance that permeate the senses, propelling the track "Vanilla Pain" into an entrancing cycle. The EP bursts into life with an exhilarating start, as the infectious sound captures your attention, refusing to let go. The neon-infused party atmosphere carries on with "Panic in Paradise," featuring a funk-infused bass guitar, sensual vocals and an unexpected, enticing rhythm that serves as an irresistible hook throughout the entire composition. The musicians fearlessly venture into new territory, infusing the pop track with hints of retro music. There's no doubt that Saint Rock possesses a remarkable ability to captivate listeners, and I wholeheartedly believe that "Panic in Paradise" will triumphantly conquer dance floors and festivals across our wondrous blue planet. It is a flawless masterpiece.

Once you're entranced by the captivating spell of "Panic in Paradise," Adam and Fabian playfully engage the listener further with "Midsummer Gold." This pop synth sensation embraces the essence of a summery vibe and lively celebration, supported by delicate synth chimes, spirited percussion, and an array of vibrant musical embellishments. The vocals seamlessly harmonize with the overall atmosphere, making it utterly impossible to tear yourself away. As the EP reaches its midpoint, a shift in direction and ambiance takes place. In the track "Real," the musicians craft an exceptional pop-dance sensation, boasting impeccable production and mixing of the highest caliber. It's impossible to envision a more polished track, as it encompasses everything the genre demands—catchy melodies, musical hooks, vibrant and commercially appealing vocals, and a radiant sound that elevates track to a new level of modern pop brilliance.

In my humble opinion, the standout gem of the EP undoubtedly lies within the enchanting realms of "Red Clouds (Feat. Yasmin Jane)." The duo masterfully blend elements of pop, modern, and indie pop music from the early 2000s, conjuring a delightful sense of nostalgia. The retro pop ambiance reigns supreme in this track, infusing it with unexpected tenderness and an irresistible rhythm. To ensure a lasting impression, the musicians grace us with the final offering, "Bad Vibes." It's a genuine explosion of auditory delight that refuses to relinquish its hold on my mind. With its swaying guitars, pulsating beats, delicate yet captivating rhythm, and vibrant background harmonies, it creates a sprawling sonic landscape where, I must admit, I found myself completely immersed.


The EP "Real" by Saint Rock is an absolute treasure trove of summer-infused, dance-worthy tunes that will have you hooked and craving for more. From start to finish, these tracks are infectious, offering a true viral hit for any playlist. Adam and Fabian pour their heart and soul into crafting this EP, resulting in a remarkable collection of songs that are undeniably clear, vibrant, and incredibly catchy. I wholeheartedly recommend immersing yourself in these tracks, as they have the power to transport you to a place where you can fully embrace the present moment and let reality melt away. Trust me, it's an experience you don't want to miss out on. So go ahead, give it a listen and let the magic unfold. Your playlist will thank you for it!

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