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Escape from Reality with 'Colors' by Phillip LaRue: A Musical Expedition Through Memories

If you enjoy albums that provide comfort and create a new world around you, where you can immerse yourself and gain valuable insights, then you will definitely appreciate "Colors" by Phillip LaRue. In my opinion, if albums were assigned colors, "Colors" would embody the gentle orange-yellow hues of a sunset. This observation holds significance because the entire journey through the album unfolds within this aesthetic atmosphere. I warmly invite you to accompany me on the "Colors" journey, in which LaRue eloquently recounts his relationships with significant individuals in his life, including his wife, grandmother, and sister. Hailing from Nashville, singer, songwriter, and producer Phillip LaRue has gifted us with the softest and most ethereal acoustic album, "Colors," which allowed me to completely detach from the world and embark on a vibrant expedition through my thoughts and memories. I assure you that while listening, you will uncover invaluable revelations that can provoke contemplation on life, its principles, and its fleeting nature.

The album commences with the enchanting acoustic piece "Colors," where the exquisite interplay of string instruments sets the stage, akin to opening credits, as if beckoning us towards a captivating tale. The absolute delight of the acoustic pop performance persists in the subsequent track, "Desert Rose." Much like traversing through life's events, the track's ambiance undergoes transformation. Phillip LaRue skillfully experiments with rhythms, genres, and arrangements, crafting a distinct album where each track possesses its own formidable personality. As if scenes from a movie change, so does the sound of the album. This is worthy of admiration and recognition for the LaRue's tremendous and challenging work. In the track "It All," the exquisite keys and infectious pop rhythm create the sensation of a true hit, where LaRue's ethereal yet powerful voice seamlessly merges, while "Just Breathe" breaks away from familiar soundscapes altogether. I appreciate how the vocals in this track exude a live performance quality, crystal-clear amidst a gentle haze, dissolving into echoes.

Our journey carries on, immersing us in the realm of high-quality indie pop sound. I am utterly captivated by the vibrant sound of the track "Take a Fall," with its pulsating pop rhythm. Following suit, "Thank You June" exudes a poignant and melancholic sentiment that tugs at the heart. It is impossible not to be moved by the emotions and memories concealed within the guitar chords of this track. It's truly divine! As if surrendering to emotions and memories, we are greeted by the acoustic folk gems "Indigo" and "Dandelion." These tracks are absolute acoustic folk masterpieces, where every element aligns flawlessly, from the minimalist arrangement featuring delicate guitars to the incomparable vocals of the musician. As we approach the culmination of our journey, the mood and sound of the album undergo a transformation. In the track "Nightingale," LaRue embraces a minor tonality. Distant choirs permeate the arrangement, imbuing the melody with a sense of unease. Meanwhile, in the main vocals, there's a delicate interplay between resistance and acceptance, evoking a feeling of lightness and nonchalance. I must confess that my personal favorite on the album is the track "Never Break."

Having traveled a long and remarkable path with the album, this song resonates deeply within me. The bass line, captivating drum beats, and immersive vocals engulf me in every sound, bringing pure joy and inspiration. It's truly breathtaking! The track "Ships" uplifts the heart with its clear and vibrant violins, infusing a sense of joy and inspiration. On the other hand, "Cover You" instills an unsettling sensation of approaching finality, propelled by the swift guitar rhythms and vocals enveloped in echoes. It feels as though the sun momentarily hides behind clouds, casting a temporary coolness and shadows upon the ground.

The prevailing mood finds its culmination in the opening moments of the final track, "Amen." As the piano keys intertwine with the musician's voice, an involuntary shiver runs down the spine and tears well up. In this acoustic ballad, LaRue's voice commands attention, filling the space with its raw emotion. It is a magnificent and deeply poignant ballad, serving as the perfect conclusion to the "Colors" album. The piano and subtle creaking sounds establish a somber and melancholic atmosphere, while the vocals and lyrics effortlessly shatter the heart into pieces. It is truly an astonishing and unparalleled experience.


The quest to discover oneself, to find genuine guidance, and to navigate through life is a daunting and elusive task for many. Few are able to rise to this challenge, while others may stray along the way. Life encompasses a vast spectrum of colors, ranging from the darkest black to the brightest hues. Similarly, the "Colors" album comprises both sorrowful and uplifting tracks. Phillip LaRue's powerful and incredibly melodic vocals render "Colors" a precious and singular creation. The album serves as an encouragement and a source of inspiration, enabling listeners to comprehend and deeply feel each song. It is a parable, inviting us to listen, understand, and embrace the essence of the music. Through "Colors," we are invited to immerse ourselves in the artist's shared emotions. Phillip LaRue's talent shines through, as he successfully captures and conveys the splendor and pain of life.

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