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Euphoria, Mind and Melody Merge: Soul Gaze's Poetic 'It All Exists' Harmony

The world of music is a multifaceted realm that encompasses many topics close to every person on the planet, such as love, dreams, pain, rebirth, and the transformation of emotions. Oftentimes, people experience their pain alone, suppressing emotions and not allowing them to surface, which consequently leaves no room in their souls for renewal and forward movement. Miki Agrawal, an entrepreneur and talented social activist, has revolutionized the worlds of music and psychology. Her debut album, titled 'It All Exists', was released under her Soul Gaze alias and offers an opportunity to experience her personal journey of love, facing a future that is open to new impressions and freedom. The album draws inspiration from Miki Agrawal's personal experiences, as she reflects on the entire spectrum of emotions one goes through while exiting a relationship - from love to screams, from screams to pain, and from pain to freedom and rebirth. The debut release was a result of the collaboration with two incredible veteran musicians, the amazing Happy Hoffman and the mesmerizing Gene Evaro Jr.

I invite you to join me in turning on the first track and immersing yourself in the soul-penetrating music that initially stirs up a hurricane of emotions and then brings forth a long-lasting sense of calmness. The album begins with the track "Antarctica," and there is something profoundly symbolic about this choice. It evokes feelings of distance, loneliness, coldness, and unapproachability, akin to the circumstances that can bind the heart. However, despite the symbolism of Antarctica, the music immediately carries you on a moving and rhythmic wave. It's a true delight of pop music, where two voices seamlessly blend - one whispers while the other leads the melody. The idea and execution are absolutely delightful, and I must say, it is truly revolutionary!

In the track "Do Less Be More," Miki Agrawal's voice takes center stage, delivering a ballad that expresses a desperate longing to be close to someone, while also depicting the rising storm of emotions within. This mood is intensified by the stirring rhythm and frequent monologues of Miki. It's an entirely fresh and innovative approach to pop music, combining captivating melodies with a genuine guide to self-healing. As the hurricane of loneliness reaches its peak, the track "Fire" emerges, an outpouring of pure emotions manifested through coldness, fire, and bitterness. I am fascinated by how these emotions are intricately woven into the mesmerizing music, accompanied by soulful monologues and Happy Hoffman's soaring vocals that emphasize anxiety and the anguish of pain. There's something magical and almost ritualistic about this track, as it seamlessly blends pop rhythms with an invigorating beat, transporting you to a nocturnal beach where a blazing fire allows the release of pent-up anger. It truly feels like magic!

The next two tracks, "The Queen" and "Six Little Words," seem to form a cohesive narrative in my perception. After the flames of anger have subsided, the singer shifts the focus towards finding strength in the emotions that have been experienced. Miki Agrawal passionately underscores the significance of these feelings through vibrant and uplifting melodies, featuring a memorable chorus that resonates like a call to action, a revolution, or even a victorious cry. The track's structure is particularly appealing, making it a potential hit of the season that could effortlessly captivate audiences on major stages and venues.

After the climactic moments of the album, a sense of calm and measured rhythm takes over, signaling the start of a new life. "Six Little Words" offers a delightful experience of light pop music infused with subtle elements of jazz in the vocals, emanating feelings of freedom and joy. "Fart in the Wind" and "The Juice" exude playfulness and protest in their melodies, becoming a powerful storm of emotions expressed through monologues and lyrics. I absolutely adore the sexy vibes present in these tracks, accentuated by the amazing vocal performances and the infectious swinging rhythm. As if entering the second part of the album, it sets the stage for pure joy, happiness, and uninhibited dancing.

As the album approaches its transformational conclusion, it culminates with the track "Changed." Stunning guitars take the spotlight, and the dance rhythm joyously proclaims victory. The soothing lyrics provide genuine solace to anyone in need of a helping hand during challenging times. It offers pure consolation and joy, making it a perfect closing track. Personally, I am enthralled by the ever-changing rhythm, instrument variations, and the overall sense of freedom that permeates this piece. It has become my absolute favorite on the album! Simply fabulous!


'It All Exists' is a masterpiece that speaks directly to an audience capable of deep thinking and philosophizing. Listening to this album can be a transformative journey, offering a genuine sense of rebirth and release. However, I must add that, in my opinion, the album is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed by anyone purely for the pleasure it brings and the joy it imparts throughout the day. The collection of songs on this album is of exceptional quality, showcasing the utmost professionalism in its creation. Soul Gaze has truly delivered something extraordinary with 'It All Exists', and it has the potential to resonate with listeners on a profound level, leaving an indelible mark on their musical journey.

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