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EXCLUSIVE: ÜME's untold secrets revealed! "I can tell you that the album is called "NAVE"

Üme genre-defying music traverses the sonic landscape, weaving intricate melodies and evocative lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.


Drawing inspiration from the ethereal and the unexpected, ÜME fearlessly explores uncharted musical territories, pushing the boundaries of what is conventionally considered "pop" or "experimental." But Üme creativity knows no bounds. In addition to her musical prowess, she possesses a rare gift for creating breathtaking visual experiences. Her futuristic images, filled with vibrant colors and imaginative landscapes, invite us to glimpse a world that exists only in her boundless imagination. With each stroke of her brush or click of her camera, she transports us to a realm where reality and dreams seamlessly blend together.

Indie Boulevard have the privilege of delving into the depths of Üme's creative mind as we discuss her inspirations, her upcoming new album, and so much more. Furthermore, we will explore the depths of her latest album, where she fearlessly embraces vulnerability and authenticity.

IB: Hey, Üme! It's an absolute pleasure and honor to have you here with us on Indie Boulevard. Your music is truly fascinating, as it beautifully blends together genres like jazz, electronic, ambient, pop and experimental. I am dying to know, how did you come up with this incredible combination? What inspired you to experiment with such a diverse and unique sound?

Üme: Hi! Thank you so much for having me! I learned music from a sensory side rather than from the academic side, so I listen to a lot of different styles of music and never closed myself to new styles. Of course there are some that I like more than others, but always open to listen. Generally I like to tell stories through my songs, so if I need a Gregorian chant reference, for example to give the feeling of something divine, I will use it. It depends on what I want to tell in the story.

IB: I amo also mesmerized by the incredible aesthetic and imagery that accompanies your music. It feels like stepping into another world. Could you please enlighten us on the creative process behind these captivating images? How do you come up with such extraordinary images that perfectly complement Üme's music?

Üme: All the credit for that creativity is for the fact that I studied theater. Besides composing music, I love to compose images (also I’m very good at drawing and painting) and if these images are together with my music, even better, because it gives a sense of unity and it's almost like feeling in a movie scene. So for me sound and music always goes with an image or vice versa.

IB: Your last single 'No Pain' was released a year ago. Can you give us some insight into what you've been working on since then? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?

Üme: ​​I have one single left to release, and I'm already working on the rest of the songs of the album. I hope we can release it as soon as possible. I can tell you that the album is called "NAVE" which means "death" in Latvian and it is about Üme's story, how she became who she is and what her past was. The album is being worked on in a conceptual way, and each song is a chapter of the story. I hope people love it as much as I do!

IB: Your songs create this incredible, mysterious, and almost ethereal atmosphere that seems to weave seamlessly from one track to another. It's truly captivating! We're curious to know more about the themes and messages you explore through your lyrics. What inspires and drives your songwriting process?

Üme: What drives the composing process is usually the story I want to tell. That for me is the main thing. If the story I want to tell is sad, I will use sounds that give that kind of feeling. There are also exceptions, like "MOVE ON" or "LOST" which are songs with isolated stories that came up based on personal feelings, situations or emotions… Also could be anything that brings me inspiration, a book, a movie, a painting, an interesting chat with someone. Life has too much to offer.

IB: Do you have any particular influences or experiences that shape the evocative and melancholy atmosphere that runs through your music?

Üme: Well, I think this album is also a part of my life and my personal experiences. For example, “Disease” is the first track on the album that tells the story of Üme's illness and she has an unknown heart disease… I think that song also reflects the times when I felt lonely and sad, especially in my childhood. I guess you create according to the processes you are experiencing in your life.

IB: I am really curious about how you manage your dual roles as a musician and the CEO of Libe Academy. Balancing both must require quite the juggling act! Could you share some insights into how you navigate these different responsibilities and find harmony?

Üme: Uff... the truth is that it is very hard to find a perfect balance. But I am learning more and more each time. To be a CEO you have to study constantly, that helps a lot and it helps to make important decisions. And to compose I need spaces of solitude and silence, so they are two very different worlds. I’m excited to learn more.


IB: Has your own journey as a musician shaped the way you approach music education and the values you instill in your students?

Üme: It's very likely, but it's not something I do consciously. More than anything else I focus on teaching in a clear, simple and fun way. I like education to be an experience that people can remember because it was fun and they felt they overcame a challenge, not an experience associated with something you have to do because someone told you to do it, or you feel pushed to do it.

IB: You are also the head of Libe Music. As the CEO and the head of the music label, how do you discover and nurture new talent? What qualities do you personally look for when considering signing artists to your label?

Üme: As the director of Libe Academy (which belongs to Libe Music label), the most important thing for me to work with a teacher is that he/she is passionate about teaching. Teaching carries a lot of responsibility, and requires very specific skills. If teaching is something you do because it was a second choice, you are not understanding the importance of the role.

IB: You've had the opportunity to perform in various venues and festivals. Could you share some memorable experiences from your live performances?

Üme: Once I had so many sound problems that I was out of tune in more than half of the songs I performed. It was very difficult but I did my best haha. And in one occasion I had this little transition between songs where I did a little scene, and I performed for a few minutes, and I felt the audience was like… “ok, I didn't expect that” I guess because they expected me to speak, say Hello, or introduce myself and my DJ, you know, the traditional thing… but no, it was a theatrical scene. I assume they finally like it haha.

IB: And the final question, Üme: What does the act of singing and the power of music signify in your life? How do they shape your identity as an artist, and how do they influence your connection with the world around you?

Üme: My family is very fond of art in general, so for me, music, theater and education is an intrinsic part of my life. I can't imagine doing anything else. It's part of my blood, I can't avoid it. Singing is my medicine, and it gives me the opportunity to share. As I say, I can't help it.

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