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EXCLUSIVE: Filled to the Brim's 'Confessions' Album Hits Hard This December

The summer of 2018 became a time of change for five ambitious teenagers who stirred up the rock music atmosphere at Jim O’Mahony’s Rock Camp. There, amidst the sounds of guitars and musical inspiration, Tori Haggerty, Alyssa Tomassi, Owen Paz, Johnny Mudge, and Jack Towns took their first steps towards musical success. As often happens, a spark ignited, leading to the formation of a group brimming with creative energy and spirit, named Filled to the Brim. This ambitious collective, led by the unique vocals of Tori Haggerty, confidently took the rock scene by storm, capturing attention with their first single titled “Turn Back the Time” and subsequently with a full-length album. This musical explosion immediately captured the hearts of fans, solidifying the group's position. The anticipation for what the group would present in the future was incredibly high.

Now, after some time, the band is preparing to unveil their second album, 'Confessions,' which promises to be a new chapter in their musical evolution. It's expected that on December 15th, this record will reveal new facets of Filled to the Brim's talent and mark another exciting stage in their creative journey. You know how it goes - sometimes luck smiles upon you, and you find yourself in a place where true miracles happen. I was fortunate enough to be among those lucky ones who had the opportunity to hear Filled to the Brim's new album before its release. So yes, this is, so to speak, a 'hot off the press' article!

This album is an absolute bomb! It embodies the growth and maturity of the band while maintaining the sincerity and emotional power we've come to love from their previous works. Each track is a separate story, diving into different worlds and emotions. Their music has become even more mature and profound, yet it remains true to those poignant moments that set them apart. Meanwhile, Filled to the Brim continues to evolve, experiment, and inspire their fans, promising to remain at the forefront of the contemporary rock music world.

The powerful rock sound and Tori Haggerty's vibrant vocals linger in memory from the first seconds of the track 'Confessions.' It's as if I'm learning to breathe anew when 'Helpless (Album Version)' starts, infused with an amazing nostalgic, stylish, and flawless vocal delivery by Tori, supported by a gentle and tender arrangement. Each track in the album feels like a distinct story, conveying its own mood and style. 'Snow in June' stands out to me as the best pop-rock ballad and one of the most commercially appealing songs on the album. 'Confessions' possesses its unique characteristic and concept. 'Arriving (Interlude)' divides the album into 'before' and 'after,' inviting you to step away from the loud, vibrant pop-rock and immerse yourself in slow, melancholic ballads.

'I'll Be Home' has me in complete awe with its execution, structure, subtle minimalism, and the intricacies of guitar and vocal parts. The magic of the sound unfolds in the final tracks 'Be By Your Side' and 'On The Line.' The perfect rhythm of 'Be By Your Side' evokes a gentle sense of nostalgia and hope for a bright future, while the closing track 'On The Line' showcases Filled to the Brim as innovators capable of intricate rhythmic passages, with Haggerty's voice oscillating between low tones and vibrant rock highs.

To be honest, my mind is still processing everything I've heard. But one thing is clear – fans will be ecstatic. They continue to forge ahead, and this album is proof that they have immense potential to win over the hearts and minds of listeners. 'Confessions' reflects diversity and the band's ability to perform music that lingers and evokes feelings. Each member of the group pours their heart into the music, whether it's the soft and sensual piano, the soaring guitars, the gentle acoustic guitar, the drums, violin, or vocals—all shine in the new album like never before. Listening to 'Confessions,' there's a sense that every note and emotion were captured in one powerful flow—as if the album was recorded in one breath, flawlessly and unfiltered, leaving the sensation of a live performance,


Of course, I'd love to share more detailed impressions, but just wait for the release. This album is definitely worth the anticipation. It's hot and fresh, like a freshly made masterpiece—it truly deserves your attention. Filled to the Brim is a new force in the contemporary indie rock industry. Their music is personal, filled with crystal-clear emotions, friendship, and mutual understanding. It's this sincerity and light from each member that reflects in their music, making listening to it an unforgettable experience.


is out on DECEMBER 15th

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