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EXCLUSIVE: From "Game of Thrones" to Music Stardom: GALVOS' Unprecedented Tell-All Interview!

With his sensational debut album, "The HeARTist," set to be released this year, Galvo is making waves in the indie-folk music scene. The album, consisting of 14 captivating tracks, is already gaining anticipation, thanks to its lead single "Getting Better" and its accompanying music video.


"Getting Better" perfectly showcases Galvo's artistic prowess, combining his soft and emotive vocals with a warm acoustic guitar backdrop, elevated by rousing and dynamic percussion. The single delivers an uplifting message of self-improvement that resonates with listeners, all woven into a mesmerizing sonic experience. What sets "The HeARTist" apart is its rich and deep storytelling, which draws inspiration from Galvo's own extraordinary life journey. From a working-class Irish upbringing that witnessed his family fleeing violence to running a Pakistani Hip Hop label in London and even serving as a Knight on the Vale in HBO's renowned series, "Game of Thrones," Galvo's experiences have shaped his unique voice, making his music truly authentic and soul-stirring. Indie Boulevard has a unique chance to delve deeper into the mind and artistry of Galvo and discover the heart behind the HeARTist!

INDIE BOULEVARD: Hi Galvo! We are honored to have you on Indie Boulevard and thank you for taking the time to talk to us about music and tell us more about your long journey. I must say, your upcoming album, 'The HeARTist', has piqued my curiosity. I couldn't help but wonder: what inspired you to create such a captivating album that combines the enchanting melodies of indie-folk with the power of storytelling? The way you seamlessly blend these elements is truly remarkable.

GALVO: Hi, This has been over a long period of time, I had made an attempt to self record parts of this album, a few years back to varying degrees, then i was making an album with my band on and off, so i guess its got an arch of 5 to 7 years of a life, in terms of growth as a person, artists and all the relationships that go with said things. I also try to live through my heart as much as I can, I cant say its lead to me to a better overall life status, but it has made me a better person and a calmer person, as I took each hit that comes with going out into an unforgiving world. Its a tough ask also to try make a life as an Artist and at the start people fall for you for it, turn stab at the end cause of it. Hence The HeARTist.

IB: Your upcoming new single 'Getting Better' will release across all platforms July 13th. I'm really intrigued by this song, and how it connects to the overarching message of your album, The HeARTist. Could you please share more about the concept behind this song and how it relates to the broader themes explored throughout the album?

GALVO: Well Getting Better, Dont Give it up, The Hammer, And the Sun has lost a Sun where add this feb gone, I wrote Getting Better and the Hammer last Summer, both were the final closing statements to that old past, person I was and had journeyed through. Coming to the realization that, I will also be trying to get better, and I have in many ways, as here we are talking, for a long time I was walking alone in the dark with no one caring about my art or self but that's how I suppose you build character. The song basically is about someone still opening their wounds to the world, but coming to acceptance in themselves that its all about your relationship with yourself, that it only matters that you are trying to grow and get better and its not an end result but being ok with yourself on a day to day ism.

IB: Your bio mentions the incredible experiences you've had throughout your life, from fleeing violence during your upbringing to running a Pakistani Hip Hop label. How have these diverse experiences influenced your music and artistic journey?

GALVO: I would say im a bit of wanderer in all aspects of my life, I need change and I need to experience different lives and cultures for myself to feel at one. I feel that was my PhD in becoming an Artist, I've tried to step away from it but I cant, its basically not my identity but something a lot bigger in the spiritual sense. And those experiences shaped that.

IB: I'm genuinely fascinated by your collaboration with Hugh Rodgers and Niall Woods from A Dark Horse and how it influenced the creation of 'The HeARTist'. Could you shed some light on the role they played in shaping the album's musical direction and overall sound? Are we to expect a continuation of the musical style from your previous EP 'Leave The Light On', or have you ventured into new sonic territories with this album?

GALVO: Well, me and you Hugh crash landed into the same area in Dublin in the late 80s but never really hung out, different gangs, but we always knew of each other, we actually bumped into each other in New York en route to Woodstock 99 which is kinda fated now, I was living in Spain and mutal friend recommended Hugh to work with when I returned, but I was more interested in playing football so we arrange matches on the green, then got to know each other, we have a special chemistry, Niall pronounced Neal but I call him Ned, is through an ex member of our band Aido who was the drummer for fight like apes, who also is from Swords in Dublin like me and Hugh. We were in the middle of doing a dark horse album and Hughs child decided to arrive to this planet early, so I should thank her for this album. Me and Ned were like well best do an EP or solo album for you then. And we just did it on the fly. It wasn't a planned album I was going to do an EP at some point but suddenly time was free, in life and studio and so boom.

IB: Could you share any particular tracks from the album that hold significant personal meaning to you? What makes them special?

GALVO: I see them all as postcards into my life, obv, its all a certain time period in a sense, I was aware of that when putting them together, like Leave the Light on, the verses I wrote in another song for an ex of mine Niamh, but then some 7 years or more later I sat down and I felt a new feeling for the choruses, so its back and forth of two eras, the in love time and the out of love time and the reflections of that.

IB: With such a diverse range of influences and experiences, how do you approach the songwriting process? Do you have any specific rituals or methods that help you channel your creativity?

GALVO: I've learnt the feelings that come in when a song is about to fall, i can now feel that, and just set up my camera on my phone and hit record and usually a song will fall out, or if I'm just jamming with myself that same feeling will come in, i try not or do songs, cause if i try to perfect it kills the feeling of it.


IB: The title of your album, The HeARTist, is both intriguing and thought-provoking. I'm curious to know how you came up with this captivating name. Could you share the inspiration and creative process behind choosing such a unique and evocative title for your debut album?

GALVO: I guess its just me, I'm not quite of this world, as we touched on before, my life has shaped me into an Artists, but I try to lead with truth and my Heart. So its made sense to me - Art equals the life, life equals the Experience, the Experiences equals Art, we are just filters and that's why Art is so unique. You can copy you can imitate but no one can quite express your art like you.

IB: Can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from the rest of 'The HeARTist'? Any particular themes or musical elements we should look out for?

GALVO: Well I am planning on doing a video for each track, so when it lands on the 26th of September there will be something rich for the eyes hears and souls of those who align with it, trying to organize a wee album launch night tour, but I am but one man!

IB: In a fast-paced and often chaotic world, music has the power to provide solace and create moments of peace. How do you personally find solace and tranquility in your own life? And how does that sense of inner calm influence the serene ambiance of your music?

GALVO: I think nature is important, its something I used to spend more time in, and I will as time goes on, I like to have peace, I don't get much peace these days in my living situation, so I hope in the smallest sense, that if the stars align, I could my own wee piece of land and be able to be there. As I get older I crave that solace more and more.

IB: And the final question. As an artist, you've embarked on an incredible journey filled with diverse experiences. If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice about the path ahead, what would it be?

GALVO: I guess, in a hard callous way, don't feel responsible for your family, go out into the world and keep going, never look back.

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