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Exclusive Preview: What's Inside JASON WILSON'S Upcoming New Album 'ASHARA'?

When musicians' albums become not only a collection of accumulated musical experiences but also a kind of diary reflecting the musician's life journey, it immediately becomes a classic of the genre. The point is that, in addition to a strong connection to ancestors and the land where family roots are firmly planted, music serves as a conduit and a way to tell stories stored in the soul. Musician Jason Wilson communicates with the entire world through a universal language – melody. His 10th album, titled "Ashara" (which translates to "beautiful peace" or "ash tree" in Arabic), is set to release soon, specifically on September 29th. And indeed, it's a beautiful place where stories flow like a river, dressed in Scottish folk, global roots, and reggae. Jason Wilson, accompanied by his voice, guitar, and piano, had the support of talented musicians in creating the album "Ashara." Jason Wilson was joined by the legendary Jamaican-Canadian guitarist Carl Harvey (Toots & The Maytals), as well as Wilson band members, saxophonist Marcus Ali, vocalist Laurel Tubman, drummer Vince Reel, and bassist Michael Shapinko. So yes, "Ashara" is like a musical time machine, with each track transporting us to a different era. It's as if we're flipping through the pages of a family photo album, watching life unfold in Ayrshire during the 1960s. 9 tracks that tell a sincere and honest story, created from memories. We at Indie Boulevard had the exclusive opportunity to listen to it in advance before the release, and I can't wait to share my impressions with you. Get ready to experience the beauty and allure of blending musical genres.

The first track, "Coal Dust Caruso," begins with the sound of film reels, as if we're starting to watch a memory film. This track is a true aesthetic delight, with its dynamic, almost jazzy rhythm and perfect brass instruments. The flawless vocals balance between blues and light country rock. It's something incredible! The next track, "An Evening in Paris in Cumnock Tonight," moves forward rapidly, reminiscent of classic Americana. It's as if we're transported to a sun-drenched ranch and immersed in the musician's tender storytelling. There's something remarkably personal, deep, and bright in the track "The Shoemaker."

The vibrant folk and perfect atmosphere mixed with playful rhythm create a truly new musical experience. I dare say that this complex musical album with its various genres truly sounds innovative. Once we're immersed in the album's mood, the track "Coila" begins. It's as if a time machine has transported me far into the past, where I listen to an amazing story among friends in the evening. Perfect global folk and reggae flow through this track straight into my heart and warm it.

In the middle of the album, the tracks "Collier Gemmes" and "My Love Sings like a Lintie" shift the album's mood towards unstoppable fun. In "Collier Gemmes," the perfect piano (reminiscent of music from silent films of the 1910s) and flute create an atmosphere of folk dances, which are inevitably a part of every culture. Interestingly, as the rhythm breaks, the music's flow changes, and we immerse ourselves in a true musical journey through time across cultures. Meanwhile, in the track "My Love Sings like a Lintie," we return to our familiar time, as it features a perfect blend of country, pop, folk, and acoustic elements.

As if swaying on the waves of nostalgia, the track "When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease" begins. It's a ballad that finds a place in the soul and lingers there. The personal story it tells gives you goosebumps, and the performance, choruses, and arrangement with the resonant bass make this track my favorite. The album concludes with the tracks "Low Tide" and "The Night is Near Gone." I like that "Low Tide" carries a light lyricism reminiscent of musicals or fairy tales, making it perfect for a gentle waltz.

The final track, "The Night is Near Gone," ends this incredible journey on a bright note and an ellipsis. This slow song completely captivated my consciousness and brought a lump to my throat. It's truly hard to say goodbye to this unique collection of ethnic melodies, folk, reggae, and jazz from Jason Wilson and the band.


Jason Wilson's deep dive into his Scottish roots and Jamaican influences results in a harmonious fusion. The album's journey through the seasons of life, from carefree childhood to the contemplation of mortality, mirrors the human experience. It's a reminder that life is a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. "Ashara" echoes with the voices of ancestors. It's a musical conversation across generations, where the past and present intertwine to create something new and meaningful. The recording process at the Canterbury Music Company captures the spontaneity and authenticity of live performance. It's like witnessing a jam session in a cozy corner of a pub, where the music flows effortlessly. The diverse group of musicians and artists who contributed to the album showcases the beauty of collaboration. It's a reminder that when different talents come together, they can create something truly extraordinary. As Jason's tenth album, "Ashara" represents a culmination of artistic growth and evolution. It's a testament to the endless possibilities of creativity and the ability to reinvent oneself with each new project. With the release date just around the corner on September 29th, the wait won't be long now.

"ASHARA" by Jason Wilson

is out on September 29th

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