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Exclusive Sneak Peek: What to Expect from Broke Royals' New EP, 'Big Dream'

On January 26th, Broke Royals are set to release a new EP titled 'Big Dream,' and this musical turn is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the winter season. Indie Boulevard had the unique opportunity to hear the album before its official release, and now we are ready to share our impressions.


'Big Dream' offers us five tracks, each sounding like a little story, each with its unpredictable mood and character. This time, Broke Royals are not just showcasing their evolution, they aim to impress both their old fans and win over new ones. Each track is a musical experiment, a dive into the quest for the best sound, bringing freshness and originality to each subsequent release. Vocalist Philip Basnight shares the microphone with the incomparable Rebecca Basnight and Taimir Gore, adding new shades and dynamics to the group's sound. From tender, smooth moments to brilliant pop melodies and bursts of emotion - in 'Big Dream,' every listener will find something that resonates with their soul.

photo by @BrokeRoyals

The album opens with the title track 'Big Dream,' and this powerful, stylish, and vibrant song becomes a sort of statement showcasing Broke Royals' ambitions and energy. Bright guitars, quality rhythms, and infectious melodies create an exhilarating atmosphere that literally beckons everyone to lose themselves and fully surrender to the music. Another standout moment on the EP is the energetic 'One Look,' performed by Rebecca Basnight. The captivating energy of 'One Look' immerses listeners in the stylish and seductive world of Broke Royals, demonstrating the versatility of their sound and the musicians' ability to create music in any genre.

The track 'No Time For Love' is perhaps the airiest and lightest, capable of captivating entire stadiums with its unrestrained and vibrant sound. The track offers a unique opportunity not only to enjoy the sound but also to transport oneself to a world where there's no room for worries, only fun and musical ecstasy. It's a very commercial and radio-friendly song, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear it again in some popular TV show or on Netflix. Then, in 'Toasted Almond,' Taimir Gore adds a touch of unique sound. The unique atmosphere of this track offers a semi-acoustic experience, expanding the boundaries of what can be expected from Broke Royals' sound. It's a tender and light track, capable of capturing attention and making one fall in love with Broke Royals forever.


The final track is a modern reinterpretation of 'Is This It' by The Strokes. And it becomes something more than just a conclusion. 'Is This It' encapsulates all of Broke Royals' energy in a stylish pop sound, complemented by light guitars and a stylish club atmosphere.

photo by @BrokeRoyals

The blend of neon energy and pop elements, along with the use of lightly processed vocals, creates a unique sound that amazes with its originality and quality of execution. It seems to me that with 'Is This It,' the group has crafted an emotional, at times peculiar, and I would even say cinematic conclusion to the EP. This is how works should conclude, a bit melancholic, unusual, while still conveying that the band embodies its bold dreams in its music. Despite its optimistic title, this album concludes on a rather melancholic note, creating the impression of an open ending.

Perhaps Broke Royals intentionally employs the contrast between the title and the content to evoke emotional tension in the listeners. Such artistic technique allows 'Big Dream' to convey more complex and profound shades of mood. After listening to the EP 'Big Dream,' one is left in silence, immersed in contemplation, trying to grasp the depth of this unique release. Broke Royals have invested not only their creative experience but also their heartfelt aspirations, providing the listener with the opportunity to feel the warmth and love permeating every note.


'Big Dream' is the perfect blend of styles, genres, voices, melodies, and emotions, making it a significant step forward and setting a high standard for future releases. For the long-awaited fans and indie music enthusiasts, 'Big Dream' promises to be the discovery of the year. Broke Royals' performance on January 27th at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, D.C., provides the perfect opportunity to support the band and enjoy their new, distinctive music live. Mark your calendars, smartphones for January 26th and 27th, as these days promise to be rich and memorable.

'Big Dream' by Broke Royals

will be out on January 26th

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