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Exploring SWEETBOY'S Debut Album: Where 70s Folk Magic Meets Alternative Pop

Well, friends, tomorrow is October 27th, and Sweetboy, an indie alt-pop band based in New York City, is releasing their debut album. It features 7 tracks of alternative pop sound with a touch of heavy guitars and a sprinkle of 70s folk magic in the vocals. Sweetboy creates sensual music and serves as an example that the idea of following one's dream will surely come true. Looking back, the history of this group resembles the success stories from Hollywood movies. Anna Barnett and Jon Flores dreamt of a music career from a young age, but the 9-to-5 job life had its say. In the indie industry, this situation is quite common, especially among independent artists not bound by contracts. However, it is these very artists who live and breathe music, and their journey towards the big stage, listeners, and recognition is filled with hardships and challenges. But fate had its way, and in 2018, Anna Barnett and Jon Flores crossed paths. From that moment on, their destiny took a new turn. Finding support in each other, they began performing together in New York, added new members to the group, and in 2019, Sweetboy stepped into the spotlight with singles "Bad News" and "Waves."

Over the next 3 years, Sweetboy continued to solidify their position and aspirations, keeping the fire burning in the hearts of their listeners by releasing singles. Their first activity coincided with the pandemic period, but even that couldn't dampen the group's enthusiasm. In 2020, they released tracks "North Dakota" and "Build You a House," and in 2022, "Island," which became a part of their debut album "Day in the Park." And now, in 2023, Sweetboy shines brighter than ever.

In support of their album, they released the single "Day in the Park," a indie rock style track. Anna Barnett's dedication to 60s and 70s folk-pop music is evident in each of her performances, with the most pronounced expression found in the track "Ask God." Filling the space with the warmth of classic retro sounds and the brightness of contemporary commercial pop music, the group accentuates their alternative sound by adding warm keys and an almost disco rhythm in the track "Not Ready."

Preserving their uniqueness and aiming to encompass various and distinct styles of pop sound in each track, their new album features a song titled "Pomegranate" - a tender pop acoustic folk piece with the warmth of brass and keys, and the tenderness of the vocals. It seems to me that the musicians are striving to transform their sound, break down established boundaries, and become the kind of group that can be recognized by just the first chords.

Sweetboy's debut album is diverse, unique, and captures the attention of listeners with entirely different tastes. The track "Island" is perfect pop-rock, blending the warmth of light country guitars with the heaviness of electric sounds, turning the sound around 360 degrees to surprise in "End Of The World" with an epic and resonant rhythm of keys and percussion, along with a completely unique track structure.

The overall atmosphere of Sweetboy seems to balance in its own reality, intertwining classic retro sounds with ultra-modern pop-indie vibes. They do this so delicately that from this sound cocktail, only a subtle sense of nostalgia remains in an unforgettable sweet atmosphere, as in the final track "Upstate." It's the perfect conclusion to the album.

"Day in the Park" represents an extensive exploration of sound, showcasing the meticulous production work and the musicians' dedicated efforts. Accompanying the release with a high-quality promotional collection of photos, the band not only strengthen their status in the music scene but also set trends for the year. Why can't this autumn be painted in tender shades of purple, and the grass turn green again? The harmony of music, style, imagery, and sound has been taken to such a level by Sweetboy that after glimpsing or hearing their music just once, you can become forever captivated by their airy, bright sound, with a touch of alternative experiments in the indie-pop genre.


Sweetboy symbolizes indie musicians who combine their experience with a music career, move forward towards their goals and aspirations, and do what their soul demands, regardless of societal norms and approval. Despite the challenging and arduous journey to form the group, Sweetboy has released a vibrant and sensuous collection of tracks that will serve as the perfect soundtrack to the coziest autumn.


is set to release on OCTOBER 27th

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