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Fiery rock masters, AXiS, are back! Their new album, "Electric Peace," lays bare their rock souls

Allow me to show you, my dear, the real fiery rock that appears to have been forged in the mouth of a volcano. Every thunderous chord and majestic sound in AXiS' new album "Electric Peace" ignites my passion like a well-oiled machine. AXiS truly masters the realm of heavy music, squeezing the essence of classic rock from the late 60s to its fullest, adhering to the finest traditions. The exceptional mastering and mixing by the industry genius Greg Gordon (known for his work with Slipknot, Jet, Airbourne, Rival Sons, and more) emphasize AXiS' distinctive sound. It's difficult to fathom any rocker who wouldn't appreciate the sheer intensity of this mind-blowing album. AXiS skillfully extracts every ounce of power and thunder from their instruments, delivering an unforgettable performance both on stage and in the recording studio. Silviu Dan Iliescu's vocals possess a formidable strength and unrestrained energy that captivate me endlessly. I yearn to experience the sheer exhilaration of their live performance and immerse myself in the electrifying atmosphere of their concert. But for now, let us delve deeper into their latest album and explore its wonders.

I suggest that you gather belongings you don't mind parting with, throw a backpack onto your shoulders, because we are embarking on a voyage through space and time in our very own time machine, aptly named "Electric Peace," to indulge in the pinnacle of rock sound. Once you hear the opening track "Dazzling Woman," you will forever be entranced by the mesmerizing sound of AXiS. Guitars, adorned with a subtle analog hiss, gracefully entwine with the beastly drums of Ranko Varga, perpetually invigorated by the classic rock vocals. The musicians have no intention of merely entertaining their audience for an extended duration; instead, they will thrust you into an unstoppable whirlwind of rock, laden with raspy vocals, Dejan Kotarcic's guitar solos, and an immense soundscape.

I hope you took a momentary respite during the previous track because "Firewater" demands a wholehearted willingness to join in and sing at the top of your lungs. AXiS entices listeners from the very start, with the drums taking the lead as the first and sole strike, before intertwining and disrupting the rhythm to create a delightful auditory frenzy. This sonic approach showcases AXiS as a band that strives not to merely emulate the classic rock sound but instead as bold experimenters, audacious daredevils, and sovereigns of the rock realm. Only a true maestro possesses the ability to embark on smooth, high-quality, and melodiously psychedelic sound explorations that please the ear.

We find ourselves in the midst of the album, where each track is a masterpiece, a complete rock hit. AXiS, in the song "Until the Night Ends," refuses to hold back on sound experiments, skillfully blending captivating synth keys into an exuberant and uncontainable sonic tapestry. However, my personal favorite lies in the track "Wild Soul." It seamlessly weaves together elements of progressive rock, psychedelic beginnings, and an artful continuation, all harmonizing with the unmistakable essence of classic, boundless rock vocals, resulting in an absolutely incredible sound. After an onslaught of sonic avalanches and tempests, the gentle respite of "Otherside" arrives. AXiS delves into a rock ballad, infusing it with echoes, lingering melodies, and elements of psychedelic rock and keyboards. Notably, it is here that I must mention the remarkable use of heavily processed organ sounds, effortlessly creating an artful atmosphere. Equally surprising is the fact that it is within this track that Silviu Dan Iliescu's vocals, for the first time, gracefully pass through the prism of synth processing. Needless to say, I am thoroughly enchanted and delighted!

The moment you become ensnared by the allure of the Electric Peace album, the track "Electric Peace" emerges. It represents the epitome of excellence, a brilliant and unforgettable symphony in its entirety. Every aspect, from the drums to the guitars, from the keyboards to the vocals, exudes sheer magnificence and audacity. The vibrant rhythm and the deluge of instruments effortlessly capture one's attention. As the resplendent and lingering guitar notes reverberate in my ears, my heart races with exhilaration. I am struck by the sheer force and potency of pure rock. Concluding the "Electric Peace" album is the slow, lingering opus titled "Fifth Season." The cascading cymbal strikes, akin to resonating bells, invigorate my mind, while the vocals, seemingly trembling in fragments, send shivers down my spine, rousing me from within. Have you ever experienced the enchanting harmony of guitar and vocals intertwining? Prepare to be astonished.


Indeed, my friends, rock is alive and it can kick ass in any genre, as proven without a doubt by the new AXiS album. "Electric Peace" leaves an indelible mark, showcasing the band's prowess in not only revitalizing the classic sound but infusing it with modern and infectious motifs. Moreover, they have seamlessly woven a thread of their very souls throughout the entire album. I am confident that every listener will perceive the profound essence of each track, brimming with the strength, anguish, and unwavering dedication of the musicians. It is as though they bared their souls, enduring every hardship, so that a singular and unparalleled album, aptly titled "Electric Peace," could be brought into existence.

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