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Fifteen Lions and His Debut 'The Picture House': An Experiment Worth Hearing!

Stuart Fiddes, a musician, creative genius, and inspirer, known by the pseudonym Fifteen Lions, presented his debut album 'The Picture House' to the world. Stepping into the musical space in 2016, Fifteen Lions illuminated stages of legendary places such as The Water Rats and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, conquering New York. Additionally, he toured major festivals, earning fame and recognition.


His music is a synthesis of neon, textured sounds, and deep vocals that penetrate straight to the bones. The debut album 'The Picture House', comprising 9 tracks, seems tailor-made for those who appreciate experimental and innovative sounds. Handling production, mixing, mastering, and final processing was none other than Gerry Leonard from the USA - a renowned musician and guitarist known as "Spooky Ghost", and also a guitarist and co-producer on three albums by David Bowie.

photo by @fifteenlionsmusic

The new album, an embodiment of avant-garde artistic sound, leads the listener into the depths of uncharted musical experiments. Forget about standard templates and hooks - here only the freedom of creativity and art reigns. 'The Picture House' offers the listener an untouched world of art-house, where every note, every sound is primal. Rhythms intertwine, melodies blossom, and emotions fill the space, creating a unique atmosphere of freedom and experimentation.

You'll immediately feel the cosmic synth sound with the track "Firefly". The voices of Fifteen Lions immerse you in an atmosphere of the unknown, textured, and alluring. Perhaps you'll experience a feeling akin to surprise and intrigue, but that's what drives us forward when listening to 'The Picture House'. The bright neon sound in the track "Throw It Away", where synth keys blend with deep low tones, Stuart's vocals echoing, creates a truly unusual and bold sensation of a new world. The perfect blend of psychedelic and experimental atmosphere with a cold synth sound creates a cocktail of perfect sound.

photo by @fifteenlionsmusic

The tracks "River Keeps Running" and "What You Know" sound remarkably unusual, unique, and memorable, complementing each other to become one story. In them, light synth takes on quite a dark and deep tone, delving into the deepest emotions that one might have wanted to hide. It's as if there's nothing left in the world except for the hypnotic voice of Fifteen Lions and the deep ambient of "River Keeps Running" alongside the bright, neon "What You Know". "Blue Sky" and "Final Act" create one of the most vivid endings in my memory. The deep and expansive track "Blue Sky" sounds like a warning, where emotions build up and unfold like petals, while Fifteen Lions tells a sensual story that one wants to let into their heart and experience.

The bright development of the melody and the memorable vocals make this track my favorite on the album due to its light duality in mood and sound. "Final Act" concludes the album with a bright, cinematic finale, where synth textures merge with unique, stylish, and captivating guitar work. In this track, the inner fire ignites, and the slow development draws you into serenity and complete immersion in the sound. Choosing dark tones with bright pink flashes for the release, Fifteen Lions weaves together a harmonious space, creating an introspective experience. Exploring both the album cover and the sound of 'The Picture House' creates a sense of completeness and fulfillment.

Fifteen Lions delves into the nature of humanity and various states one can experience, with the ever-present spark of hope in the sound, akin to the bright flash on the cover, offering a sense of a happy future. The title 'The Picture House' holds as many mysteries as the music itself. While listening to the album, you feel the music with all your heart, and images appear in your mind, influenced by the mood of each track. Isn't this the hidden meaning of 'The Picture House'? Everyone will have their own answer, I'm sure. Mysterious, conceptual, and mystical.


The album 'The Picture House' embodies Fifteen Lions' years of experience, presenting a fresh exploration of synth-electro sound by adding various textures, new ranges, and delivering unforgettable impressions upon listening. I recommend everyone to give the album a listen and feel how weightless, stylish, and memorable music can be in 2024, leaving a lasting impact on the consciousness. It's a highly ambitious album because it throws ideas at you that are hard to shake off later. So yes, 'The Picture House' by Fifteen Lions could be called a hidden gem, a gift for indie music enthusiasts. Recommended.

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