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Finding Bliss: Delving into the Dramatic and Romantic Depths of Oliver Hazard' New Album

Each of us seeks our own happiness, and each time someone finds it in different realms: art, cuisine, travel, solitude. Since the moment of their birth, all people experience a thirst for love. The new album by the trio Oliver Hazard is a complex yet simple and melodious guide that shows us that little door that is so difficult to reach but where we find ourselves. It's an absolutely stunning peace filled with emotions. It truly is top-quality album. If you enjoy the contemporary sound of acoustic folk that resonates to the fingertips and leaves a sense of tranquility in its wake, then this album is exactly what you've been searching for. In this self-titled album, the trio explore the genre of acoustic music in their light and unobtrusive style. Michael Belazis (vocals, guitar), Devin East (vocals, guitar), and Nate Miner (keys, vocals) have combined their unique experiences and perspectives, pouring their souls into this new folk release to captivate listeners and firmly establish themselves in the world of the music industry. Every chord is imbued with love, simplicity, and happiness. The unobtrusiveness of the sounds and their absolute harmony contribute to that necessary state of relaxation and serenity.

Words cannot express how amazing and captivating the sound of 'Oliver Hazard'. Each track creates a meditative atmosphere, giving birth to various imagery and taking listeners on a remarkable folk journey. Gentle and melodious 'Ballerina,' with its infectious rhythm, offers a fresh perspective on the folk music genre. Unexpected ambient inserts, subtle bass sways, and lead vocals harmonizing with rich backing parts create an innovative and airy folk-pop sound. As you get lost in the atmosphere and sway to the rhythm of drums and percussion, the next folk masterpiece, "Two x Four," unfolds. The original opening of the track features country guitars and a groovy rhythm, creating a dreamy and sensual atmosphere reminiscent of a small town sunset. I am absolutely delighted by the track "Saratoga" where the trio venture beyond the confines of folk sound, infusing it with gentle acoustic undertones and experimenting with light echoes, immersing themselves completely in minimalism.

Meanwhile, the track "Use Me Up" carries a hint of melancholy within its ethereal and captivating vocal line. This track holds the top spot as my favorite on the album. With a vibrant beginning, a gentle shift in mood and rhythm leading to the climactic peak of the track, it captivates every emotion of the listener, replacing it with the warmth and benevolence that Oliver Hazard's music exudes. An absolute hit! On the tracks "Fly Right" and "Northern Lights," it's impossible not to appreciate the subtle analog noise that imparts a cinematic quality to the sound. The multitude of voices rings out with clarity, evoking a warm sense of aesthetics and lightness. As the album progresses, the trio delve into sonic experimentation, infusing the melodies with strength and brilliance, particularly noticeable in the track "Northern Lights" where the keys take center stage. In "Oh Mama Won't You Write Me," the vibrant lead vocals take the forefront, occupying the entire sonic space. This lends a demo-like quality to the recording, accompanied by a surround echo and analog noise that creates a retro aesthetic.

The sound experimentation breathes new life into the album, adding unexpected harmonies to "Let Down." It's an astonishing folk track where diverse harmonies converge, and an incredible guitar solo breaks the established genre and flow of the album. Oliver Hazard emerges as an innovative band unafraid to experiment and express their unique musical vision to the world. The final tracks on the album, "Natalie" and "Summertime Whiskey," bring our journey through the album to a melodic and astonishing conclusion. The track "Natalie," performed almost in a whisper, feels like a personal message to each soul. The expansive and airy sound fills the entire space, and the arrangement impresses with its depth and distinctiveness.

However, it is the last track, "Summertime Whiskey," that tugs at the heartstrings, hinting at the album's end. Personally, this song resonates with me the most, touching the depths of my soul. The vocals, layered in harmonies, seem to communicate in a language comprehensible only to the senses. The arrangement takes on a vibrant pop tone, and the guitar solo seamlessly merges with the band's music. It's a genuine aesthetic pleasure that soothes the soul and fills the heart with exceptional joy and inspiration. It represents an absolute revolution in the acoustic folk genre. It moves me to tears because... oh... I devote myself to all of this for the sake of this kind of music.


"Oliver Hazard" is a perfect fit for the summer mood. In this regard, the album is almost universally appealing. It has something for everyone. You'll find light drama, romantic lyrics, and epic tracks that transport the listener to picturesque mountain landscapes. This album has the ability to evoke sadness, uplift spirits, and provoke deep contemplation, perhaps even prompting a reevaluation of one's life. The production of this album is incredibly beautiful, with a distinct artistic value. The Oliver Hazard trio brings hope, presenting simple and relatable stories in each song. The emotional impact is at full force, ensuring high-quality listening experience. Consequently, "Oliver Hazard" becomes a captivating journey into the world of natural beauty, a journey that resonates with each of us, the dreamers, who seek self-discovery amidst the vastness of the surrounding reality.

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