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FLORA CASH Crushes the Expectations with a Timeless Instrumental Masterpiece

Watching artists create beyond the established boundaries of their genre is always fascinating. For the duo flora cash, consisting of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, it became a kind of mastery.


They stand as some of the most vibrant figures in today's pop music world. Since their first EP 'mighty fine' in 2013, this duo's sound has continually evolved, taking on new shades and directions. Their music has drawn listeners in with the beauty of acoustic folk, as in the track 'Whoa My,' and boldly aimed for commercial heights in pop music, as seen in 'They Own This Town.' The year 2023 has proven to be extremely productive for flora cash. They released a total of three alternative indie singles. However, the duo didn't rest on their laurels and decided to push further, expanding their musical spectrum.

With their latest project, the EP 'Vår Pil (Piano Quintet Suite För Rocker Peggy),' flora cash delved into classical music for the first time. They received support from Canadian composer Jordan Grigg, who added additional arrangements, while Djordje Milanovic brought the magic of the violin. This move not only surprised the duo's fans accustomed to their modern pop-indie sound but also attracted a new audience, intriguing classical music enthusiasts. Experimenting with different genres and sounds is flora cash's true creed, and their latest EP confirms that talent knows no boundaries or genre limitations.

It naturally raises a logical question - what led to such a sharp change in style? Shpresa and Cole gifted the album 'Vår Pil' to their daughter on her third birthday. Sometimes, the roots of such a radical shift in sound lie in the personal and emotional motives of the artists. For Shpresa and Cole, creating the album 'Vår Pil' for their daughter was not just a sonic experiment but an expression of deep emotions and care. Music has a unique ability to transform emotions and memories into sound, creating bridges between hearts.

This gift in the form of an album carries not only melodies and harmonies but also sincere feelings associated with the love and care of parents for their child. Such actions by artists not only leave their mark in musical history but also elevate music to a new emotional level for listeners. This gesture creates a special connection between creators and the audience, making the music deeper, richer, and more heartfelt.


The gentle touch of piano keys and the perfect harmony of the violin in the first track, 'First Steps,' bestows a sense of tranquility and ease. Incredibly, the musicians managed to infuse all their feelings and emotions into this album. And this is palpable in the track 'To Watch You Grow.' Every airy note here becomes a tender and more sensual facet. It's as if it's a lullaby, encapsulating the warmest memories of flora cash, ones that every listener can feel and even see by closing their eyes and completely immersing themselves in the melody. The musicians contemplate and reinterpret the process of growing up, reflecting it in the track titles. 'Teenager' plays with emotions, like a thread weaving an airy landscape of hope and bright childhood joy.

The final track, 'Search,' feels like a window into endless possibilities of a story that's just beginning. It fills the space with light and joy, leaving the feeling after listening that each note is merely an ellipsis in this ongoing story. It leaves the reader, or in this case, the listener, with the sense that the book of life is not yet fully written, and future pages will be filled with new experiences and adventures. Perhaps when Rocker Peggy grows up, she might want to complement this musical story with her own experiences and perspectives. By providing this freedom of choice, Shpresa and Cole leave an open palette where each note and each line is just a beginning.


Conceptually, this is a very powerful album that unveils the musicians' emotions through classical music. It's a bold move capable of inspiring every listener and immersing them in a world of warmth, tenderness, and care. The strength of 'Vår Pil' lies in the fact that beyond its embedded concept, each track is unique. Even a listener unfamiliar with the release's backstory can experience only the brightest feelings from listening. I recommend taking a pause, taking a breath, closing your eyes, and savoring each track on the album 'Vår Pil (Piano Quintet Suite För Rocker Peggy),' which reveals flora cash from a new and unexplored perspective.

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