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FOUR FIRES by Kid Apollo

Songwriter Kid Apollo makes folk music that can feel more like pop-rock on acoustic instruments, focusing on one motif and stretching it into sensitive, eclectic shapes. 'Four Fires', contains songs that gain momentum as it burrows deeper. It's also worth noting that this 4th EP came about thanks to funding from Help Musicians, and it was the first time the Kid Apollo stepped out of the bedroom studio and used a professional recording studio.

'Four Fires', effectively captures views such as: familiar, cheerful, and melancholic. As Kid says, 'Four Fires' is the sound of standing still amid the chaos.' The EP has four songs and Apollo's mettle shows through in all of them. 'Four Fires' carves paths through memories and confesses long held life mistakes, with the poignancy of someone comfortable enough to be honest about their doubts. As for Kid Apollo's music, I really enjoyed the album. I really liked the sound, it has an undeniably solemn pop-rock feel and Apollo's voice is quite unique. It sounds contemporary and highly produced.

You can hear that best on the opening track 'Smokescreen'. It's a melancholic song with catchy vocal harmonies and straightforward, honest lyrics. 'Smokescreen' is probably the highlight of the album, but there are other songs that sound fantastic as well. The more energetic and nostalgic 'The War On Trees' hit the right spot and has an 80s feel to it that is not far from an early Depeche Mode. It is all purposefully leading you towards that indie feel and Kid Apollo does it well.

'Head Spun Out' is a beautiful, sombre folk lullaby with acoustic guitar and soft vocals. The acoustics of ''Head Spun Out'' allows the melancholy room to just 'be' too. The final track 'Four Fires' is a stripped back, delicate experience. A gentle acoustic chord progression accompanies Apollo's dreamy vocals. He drives his voice into the depper reaches of sadness. It's a good example of an artist who just picks a style and runs with it.

As pessimistic as Kid Apollo can be, he can just as easily show moments of joy, light at the end of the tunnel, and towards the end, "Four Fires" shows a cinematic departure into the sunset. Kid Apollo have made an album that is the definition of a hidden gem. Overall, I like the vibe of this EP and the themes Kid explores. I would love to hear the music evolves on his next work, but until then I highly recommend giving "Four Fires" a try.

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