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Frankly Speaking: Why Are Critics Raving About the New EP by Rebel Kicks?

Rebel Kicks, also known as the Babino brothers, Antoni and Steven, hail from a small town amidst dense forests and mountain ranges. They've always been bound by something greater than mere blood ties. Their passion for music has been with them since their earliest days, with jazz melodies filling their home, creating an atmosphere brimming with inspiration.


Each passing year saw them delving deeper into the world of music, finding their inspiration in a variety of styles. Their career began modestly, with small performances at local bars where they shared their love for sounds and rhythms crafted by their own hands. Over time, they became known in their region and eventually beyond its borders. Their talent and passion for music drew attention not only from listeners but also from industry representatives. The journey to the top was long and not always easy, but despite all the hardships, Antoni and Steven persisted in moving forward. A new phase of their career opened doors to new opportunities. MTV and Showtime invited them to their shows, offering millions of viewers the chance to appreciate their talent. However, the most thrilling moment was the opportunity to share the stage with music giants like Foo Fighters, Blink-182, and Incubus. It wasn't just a chance to showcase their talent to a massive audience but also to affirm their place among the stars of the rock scene.

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived: they presented their new project - an EP titled "" This creation reflects their years of hard work and musical experience. Five tracks, each like a drop in their musical ocean, craft a unique portrayal of their artistry. In general, it's worth noting that "" has been met with enthusiasm by the public. Reviews not only flatter the brothers' ears but also delight their fans. Music publications highly praise Rebel Kicks' new work, emphasizing the depth of the lyrics, innovative melodies, and passionate performance. Of course, we couldn't overlook Rebel Kicks' new EP with its remarkable work.

After their debut album and several EPs, the new release "" showcases significant growth for the musicians. The brilliant pop beat, perfect keys, and modern vocals with a touch of smoky echo and backing vocals in the track "The Girl In Barcelona" immediately immerse you in a contemporary funk sound. It's as if the world is painted in vibrant hues, and all you want to do is dance and completely surrender to the music. Listening to this track, it's impossible not to be captivated by the vividness of the sounds, the endless celebration, and the spirit of magic and colors. This mood is precisely emphasized in the music video for the song, which is sure to lift your spirits and charge you with positive energy. It's an absolute hit, hitting the bullseye!


The track "Past Life" accentuates this vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere, where light lo-fi transforms into a modern dream pop sound. I'm amazed at how this track blends multiple musical genres—from electronic vibes to the brightness of electric guitar, from commercial pop vocals intentionally immersed in expansive soundscapes to the delicacy that resonates between the notes, shaking and capturing attention. Rebel Kicks in this track delved into the mysteries and depth of emotions, and the mix of various genres, much like a blend of emotions, perfectly underscores the track's concept.

In "Flowering Dogwood," there's an experimental mix of acoustic guitars with a hint of R&B and pop, with a perfect art guitar solo unfolding the EP's sound into a realm of unique soundscapes you're unlikely to have heard elsewhere. Then, "Feel Good" once again breaks genre boundaries, offering a new blend for the listener. It's impossible to pinpoint the exact genre of the EP. Rebel Kicks utilized all their knowledge, diverse influences from pop to jazz, from funk to rock, to gift the world with a contemporary and unparalleled musical experience. The EP culminates with a source of energy, a vibrant fireworks display of sounds in the track "Save It For A Rainy Day." It's a stunning pop dance track that once again beckons to hit the dance floor, singing along to every line.


The chosen cover for the EP with a ship and the ocean seems to reflect the infinity and tranquility of music. In the hands of the brothers lies the entire ocean of possibilities and genres, and like guides, they lead their ship forward, gifting their listeners with stunning music. The EP '' unfolds anew with each listen. And know that the title completely justifies itself, it always resides somewhere in between, at the intersection of genres. Every listener will find the genre that tugs at their heart, making the musicians' music so sensitive, emotive, and personal. It erases the boundary between the listener and the musicians, making Rebel Kicks' music so memorable and touching.

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